“Okay not to be racist or anything”… you know how people say asians kinda look the same , like it’s impossible to tell who’s from where (or is that just me) well so did every damn part of Hong Kong.

I got lost a bunch of times. Like too many.

Everytime we got off the MRT and onto a new street we asked ourselves if we’d been there before.

It must have something to do with the fact that these people love to shop, so there are shopping plazas on every corner – with the exact same stores!

It’s hectic and for even the most die hard shopper it is exhausting and overwhelming…. which is why checking out the Ralph Lauren Flagship Store was at the top of my list and one of my fav experiences.


So I had this planned for a while, and yes I stole the idea from Lauryn Evarts – but who cares, that’s why the blogging world is so wonderful. Less work for moi.

I wanted to take C there and pick out some things as his Christmas present. The store is gorgeous and everything is meticulously presented on display.

*Side note – you can tell something is super high end when thy don’t put multiple sizes out on the racks!

Then when you ask for your size inadvertantly you have basically committed to buying that $900 sweater that was listed at $700 – huh how did that happen?!.

So C decided to try out a few things and I could tell he was nervous and feeling guilty looking at the prices but it didn’t bother me because more than anything this was about the experience rather than the clothes.

The sales woman took C to a gorgeous room to try his items on, like seriously it was bigger than my bedroom. Mirror’s all around and a little viewing area for me to sit and relax and judge.

He was so in his element strutting his stuff in the mirror like posing ridiculously but seriously, omg so funny.

While he tried stuff on she offered me a bevvy of sparking water and lime. It was perfect. C left with a gorgeous cardigan and chic black polo.

After the shopping it was time to relax at the private bar, which screamed “old gentleman’s club”, and we enjoyed a wine and whiskey.


We loved this, after blowing some hard earned cash it’s nice to feel appreciated and like you are getting more bang for you buck. We literally were at the store for 2 hours, such an experience.

We would defs do it all over again, and it’s things like this that remind me why I renounced Forever 21 and H&M.

BTW Zara you may be on your way out too if your tshirts keep getting screwy in the washing machine.

After shopping I knew we would want to eat – so I had looked super hard into continuing the day with an amazing meal. Enter – Twenty Six by Liberty.

Like the name suggests Twenty Six by Liberty is a dining experience that seats 26 chairs around Chef Bjoern Alexander and his kitchen, he’s a Michelin starred chef so that was what really drew me to this place.

When you walk in you just know that this place is where the cool kids go. I mean it’s like hidden away like invite only type vibes. The music is on point, the decor is modern with exposed brick and hardware on the walls. The plates are even cool. Like come on!


You are served a set menu of 8 courses from a degustation menu (which apparently just means a higher focus on tastes and presentation) and optional wine pairing.

The food is thematic and presented like nothing you’ve ever seen.

I seriously died seeing them create everything. It was gorgeous.

Chef Bjoern Alexander is so meticulous and really just hard core – a perfectionist and that was cool to see, seriously I felt like I was in a tv show seeing him critique his kitchen. So cool.

The theme was earth and the courses were separated into “root, flowers, and branches” which was interpreted a bunch of ways into the food through presentation and ingredients!

Yes it cost a pretty penny, but again it was totally worth it. The flavours were so unique and I tried things I had never tasted (like pigeon, which ew sorry not again).

My fav was probably the Kobe beef that had truffle on top because – truffle. Am I right?

Check out the photos below. To be honest I was so embarrassed taking photos of every course, just because the vibe is so intimate and I cool, I hated being THAT girl but whatevs.

I love you guys so sacrifices were made.


Thoughts on Hong Kong? Have you been? What about restaurants, have you ever had a killer degustation menu?