W Washington DC

How is everyone? I have been struggling keeping up with my writing in these last few weeks. It’s nice not to have deadlines but also dangerous. Currently, at this exact moment I am somewhere between Manitoba and Quebec en route to Oman. I have 30+ travel hours and unfortunately…. no excuses. 

Last week, I decided to procrastinate my packing even further by taking one more trip to finish up my summer/year in North America. I wanted to stay close to home and really enjoy the things I was going to miss most: patio drinks, online shopping, and walking down the street not worrying about getting hit by a car. 

When I had the chance to once again visit a W property, I couldn’t say no and off I went to visit W Washington D.C.

Side note. Did anyone else think DC was a state? Lucky for me my Uber driver filled me in.W WASHINGTON DC

W Hotels have been my favorite this summer. I like that I know what to expect and that they always deliver. The branding of W is very on brand for me which means ample content opportunities, and feeling like I can stay at the hotel all day/night if I really wanted to. Plus there is a stronger chance of sharing an elevator with a hottie business exec than a sunburnt family of 4 …. I like a good gamble. 

Plus there is a stronger chance of sharing an elevator with a hottie business exec than a sunburnt family of 4 …. I like a good gamble. 

As soon as I checked in, I fell in love with the lobby floor. Seriously. If you can impress with a lobby floor…. you are going above and beyond. The lobby itself was buzzing with a bar behind me and really got me wanting to change out of my plane clothes ASAP to come back down and mingle. 

There were a few kids running around… but you can’t get everything you want and I was still in a pretty good mood as I went up to my room. W Hotel Room

The room was what you can expect from a W hotel… chic, cool, branded, and full of liquor. My view? I could enjoy a morning coffee looking up at the Monument Building….

One of my fav things about W is that they use Bliss products. That means I didn’t have to bother packing my own face wash or shampoo because I loooooove Bliss products. My post-flight shower was much needed and very much enjoyed with the dual shower heads. 😉 

After taking a look around, I went to eat at Pinea the W Washington’s on site Italian restaurant and enjoyed a full bodied red with a kale salad. Balance. 

My days in Washington were super easy and I had no hardcore itinerary planned. Walking, eating, drinking…. it was the perfect 4 day trip. I spent a lot of time at the hotel, not because I had to but because I genuinely loved it and the different things it offered.

I was invited to check out something the W team called “Substance Behind The Sparkle”. Basically, they host frequent events that offer guests and the community a chance to get deep and learn, discuss, listen to the things going on around them. THIS. In Washington DC was huge and I was really impressed that they put so much effort into creating a sense of community at the hotel but also beyond it.

After the book signing/panel (about mass-incarceration) I headed to POV the infamous W Rooftop which boasts the best view in the city. You can see everything. Including The White House. I had a cocktail mingled a bit and headed back to my lush bed.W Washington DC‘W Washington DC impressed me. It’s in the perfect location, it’s modern and sleek, and the staff just got me. I remember talking with Mandy (front desk)  while I was about 4 Tito+sodas in, and she was genuinely interested in helping me decide if I should go out for sushi or order in and have a burger…. I stayed in. 😉 Thanks Mandy. 

I will continue singing W praises and am soooo excited for the Muscat location to open up next year! Is it weird if I pretend they opened it because they knew I was coming? No? GOOD. 

Thanks to W Washington DC for hosting me. I love you. Don’t ever change. Like always all opinions are my own and blah blah blah. xx