Travelling and the shit no one talks about

Hot guys look away.  Not that I think any hot guys visit the blog, but if you do – PM me later. K thanks. 

Okay, I have never had the best digestive tract sorry for TMI , but things are never as regular as I’d like.

Then one day I went to a yoga seminar(no, that isn’t slang for Wine Bar), and the girl mentioned how her and her husband SWEAR by two things: some thousand dollar water purifying system, and colon hydrotherapy.
Well I’d rather drink gutter water than spend $1000 on something that I can’t wear.
So off I headed to a local holistic clinic – specializing in colon hydrotherapy.
How was it? FASCINATING, maybe slightly deceiving, and life altering.
I have never been one to talk about bodily functions – none of my boyfriends have ever heard me “toot”, and I would rather stick pins in my eyes then “go” in a public bathroom.
BUT… after this session I was a whole new person, I couldn’t wait to tell everyone about the time I had a tube shoved in my ass – which was held in place by a 60 year old hippy who weighs about as much as my left arm.
Two weeks later I’m off to ASIA for 3 months, with a bottle of grapefruit seed oil, courtesy of Dr.Sharon.
I had no idea what this stuff was for, she just said if I felt stomach sick, to take it.
I was also prescribed probiotic, colon cleansers, vitamin blah blah, and magnesium ( more on this miracle mineral later).
Fast forward to a 6hour drive from Vietnam to Laos and a much needed bathroom break. I’m literally running to the toilet, clutching my stomach which is cramping so hard I swear Rosemary’s Baby is trying to claw out.
After my much needed bathroom break, I down some of Sharon’s magical elixir. AND I’m going to be completely real. It tasted like shit… it was horrendous, so bitter and hard to swallow. Yuck it’s worse than oil of oregano. BUT……
I KID YOU NOT… the next day everything was back to normal. No problems. No cramping. No diarrhea. I was cured.
Needless to say that Grapefruit Seed Oil became my best friend.
I take it anytime I travel to new places, and regret it when I don’t.
Just last week when I came home from Beirut my girlfriend had to take the day off work due to severe “issues”. I started to feel ill that night, the shakes, heavy sweats… you know the drill, took some Oil and woke up as good as new.
So yes, drag your ass down to Whole Foods or your local nutrition store and grab some of this.
Then book a colon hydrotherapy session and be more concerned with what’s coming out than what’s going in.