Travelling With Friends: A collection of real HORROR stories. Be prepared to laugh, cry and shake your damn head.

I’ve traveled solo. I’ve traveled with groups.  I’ve traveled with boyfriends. I’ve even traveled with my mother. But never have I had an experience like I had on my NYC trip.  For this one I traveled with a friend. Not wanting to give too much away (I’ll save it for my tell-all memoir), I’ve instead decided to leave you with a hilarious/unbelievable/ frightening collection of friend – travel gone bad.  Yes, it’s a thing. Friends who travel together, don’t often stay together.

Apparently, I’m not the only one to have been left alone in a foreign city or was subjected to insane inventions like “white noise machines” which are reminiscent of a poltergeist crawling out of the TV. Nope! There are stories out there which may even be crazier than mine, which for comparison sake, was worse than the time I was stuck on a cockroach infested night train in Thailand with squatting toilets.  Yep! I’d do it all again to avoid the NYC trip from hell, but hey at least I got to visit my favorite shop, Olive and Bette’s and sipped on some yummy Cha Cha Matcha. #doitfortheregram.  I reached out to female travelers from around the world to share their travel stories of “friends” behaving badly.

Read on and if you can learn one thing from others it is this….traveling together can and will end romances and friendships.  It does not discriminate. It can be in hostels, jungle excursions, 5-star hotels, or campsites.  You need to really look at who you want on that next get-away.  Laugh, cry, and shake your damn head.

 I’ll leave you with this. Choose your travel partners wisely and your friends with the discernment of Jesus Christ.

Travelling With Friends: A collection of real HORROR stories. Be prepared to laugh, cry and shake your damn head.


So the story goes like this. A group of us friends decided to plan a trip to the UK in 2015. We all kind of did our own planning & met up with various people along the way. I was to meet one of the friends in Edinburgh only to find that the twin room we shared had all her stuff right next to my bed instead of in the ample area next to hers. At dinner and she proceeded to drink MY Fanta from MY glass without asking. Back at the room she would turn on the tv & laptop & then put her headphones on to listen to music.  And then every night she would wear her headphones to bed – admittedly to drown out my snoring.. not that it mattered cuz her music was so loud that it kept me awake EVERY night!! I did the only thing I knew how to do in that situation. I withdrew… we barely spoke to each other for the 10 days we were together. We went our separate ways once we got to London, then had we minimal contact for a few weeks but since October 2015 she has completely cut me out of her life.. even to the point that she’s blocked me from her business Instagram page!! Ok so I was at fault for some of it for not talking to her but yeah.. never travel with people… ever ??


In 2012 I went to Bali for schoolies with two of my girlfriends. It quickly turned south on the first night when I lost them in a night club, when I finally found them again they yelled at me for “ditching” them and told me I had to find my own way home because I couldn’t go with them. The following days were spent walking on eggshells until I moved out of their room and in with some other friends who were also staying in the same hotel. It came to a head when they messaged my partner saying I was cheating on him the whole trip (not true). When one of my friends confronted them about it, they called the Balinese police on him. Luckily after receiving a threatening phone call from one of their boyfriends at the time, the police couldn’t do anything to us. My mom who was also in Bali at the time ended up having to come get me, she had a big told you so moment as she never liked the girls and thought the trip was a mistake from the beginning. This year my partner and I are celebrating 5 years together. We haven’t had anything to do with the girls since.


I  went to Dublin to visit one of my best friends after a huge breakup and she was really kind and set me up with a guy who I hit it off with and started casually dating. But as many of you girls know Dublin is a paradise for men, so as a recently single lady I fully took advantage of the “literally” tens of men each night who were buying me drinks and asking for my number (note: I do not think I am all that, but I do think that I have some magical beacon that Irish guys can only see). Although most of the visit we had an amazing time bonding and laughing and crying at how much we cared/missed each other…envy is a green bitch. By the fourth guy that I made out with she told me I was a “selfish” “self-centered” friend for “hogging all the attention” and she was so upset that she didn’t want me at her house anymore. Needless to say, our 10-year friendship died after that point. So sad too because I really did care about her.


My friend was staying at my house and we had decided to go to Melbourne for the weekend. The first days were amazing…..but then we planned our first trip in the Outback.  I don’t know what was worse…. The flies trying to get into your eyes, nose, mouth and ears or her not being able to stay in the center of the road. Maybe it was the scorching heat.and stayed in the car. We were in Melbourne and she was quite bossy considering  I had been to Melbourne before I knew my way around a little better than her.  Long story short when we left to go back home  I didn’t even drive her to the airport. That’s how mad I was. It’s easily a 60$ ride but I didn’t give a flying f…I still talk to her (even tho it took a long time) and I really wonder why. But she’s a psychological vampire, sucks up all my energy and I’m such a pushover I let her. But we’re never traveling together EVER AGAIN. 

Travelling With Friends: A collection of real HORROR stories. Be prepared to laugh, cry and shake your damn head.

Tiffany Bowens

I was asked to go on a trip to Peru by a good friend of mine. It was my first major trip and we were headed to Machu Picchu and the Amazon Rainforest to celebrate the millennium. I had never really traveled before and I was excited, scared, and didn’t know what to expect. But I thought it would be great because, after all, I was going with one of my BFF’s. Well! I learned rather quickly that the saying is true, you never really know someone until you’ve traveled with them! My BFF became my ex-BFF on that trip. She had become someone I didn’t recognize, needy, whiny and conceited!    We hadn’t been getting along that well andB then came the final straw…for me…. We were invited to an ayahuasca ceremony.   Ayahuasca is a hallucinogenic plant that is used to put you into a trance and give you hallucinations and it is said to be a vehicle for your spirit guides to come to you. And it also makes you violently ill, as I was about to witness firsthand. Things started to get down and dirty, and I mean dirty! My first indication that this may be a night of tightly gripping my hammock, while crying my eyes out and praying, begging and bargaining with God to get me out of here alive, was the sound of someone vomiting. Then another, and another. At this point, I couldn’t see how many people were here and who was doing the Ayahuasca because there were no sources of light, not even candles! But every couple of minutes there was the sound of someone getting up and vomiting…violently, in the surrounding bushes!  At one point I remember seeing the shadow of a large pair of wings fly very closely across my vision, I quietly asked whoever was next to me, what the hell kinda bird was that?! He explained to me in broken English, that it was not a bird, but a bat! I thought to myself, of course, it is, I’m surrounded by drugged people vomiting, while enormous bats fly around my head!  After the ceremony, I had helped her back to our room, checked for snakes with the flashlight, before we crawled into our separate beds to get some sleep. We were scheduled to leave the next day back to Lima to catch our flight home the following day, but I had had enough and I wanted out now!!! I couldn’t spend another minute with this chick! So I left my friend in the Amazon Jungle!

Marie Stevens

I went to Mexico with my good friend and her sister.  First mistake….never be a third wheel.  Someone always gets left out and guess who it usually is?  Not the crazy inbred sisters!!  We went to Taxco and Mexico City and Acapulco.  We were to continue up the coast to Manzanillo and Puerto Vallarta but after the first 6 days I left back for  Alberta 8 days early.  Here’s  how it unfolded.  2nd mistake…don’t share a room with 2 other people.  The first room we all shared, the sisters had their bed and I had mine.  I tried to sleep but kept hearing them whisper ABOUT ME!!!  I was devastated and felt so alone.  They talked about what I wore, not fashionable or skimpy enough and things I said, suggesting all the wrong places to eat or tours to take or shops to visit, and the sister even said to my friend…”why are you friends with her” ?   This is all while I am pretending to be asleep and feeling very sad and trapped.  The next day I notice that I am not included in their weirdo sibling special silent language that included knowing glances and the look of disapproval at every word that came out of my mouth.  Any suggestions I had were dismissed as not being what “the sisters” wanted to do, wanted to eat, wanted to visit, left me wanting to die.  It lasted 5 unbearable nights with those BULLY BITCHES until I said I was leaving after Acapulco and not continuing on with them.  Sayonara perra chuchas!  My friend and I only ever had small talk after the trip and quickly faded into oblivion…okay though because now 10 years later she looks like a washed-up porn star and her sister is a mess.  Comeuppance anyone?

 Now tell me have you ever traveled with a friend, don’t spare any DIRTY details!?!