Toronto you are cool, not in the weather way, but in the I could live here and kinda love it way.

I had a grand time exploring a small, small piece of Eastern Canada. There was lots to see, and I  needed to escape freezing Edmonton for at least a week.

Before I came I knew that there were two things that needed to happen. 1 -Say hi to my boyfriend. 2 -Go to Sweet Jesus.

One of those things was a bit more exciting than the other. I will fill you in later.

I’ve never been to this side of Canada which is quite ridiculous considering, this is my homeland. But then again now that I’ve travelled a bunch I see how huge Canada is and it makes sense. Why would I take a flight $500 flight in my country when I can go to say Paris for $500 instead? Umm ya no thank you West Jet. Not cool.

Toronto has my heart for a bit. The weather was gorgeous, the food was amazing, the people were refreshingly real, and it was super easy to get around.

I didn’t feel like a tourist and someone even said I seemed like a true bred Torontonian.

I thought all Canadian’s were the same but apparently not.

Us lil’ Edmontonians are thought to be super polite, nice and authentic, hey I’ll take it.

In terms of service and experience, Toronto was super weird. From our dinner at the amazing Middle Eastern Fusion restaurant, Byblos to our less than impressive hotel stay, Toronto’s service was a bit lacking.

I’m used to Kuwait service where every Filipino waiter greets you with “Hi Mam Sir”, but in Toronto no one bent over to go out of their way for anything.

Like take our hotel… The Thompson, amazing reviews, gorgeous setting, and tres chic.

Well, you’d think for over $400 a night you’d be treated like a Queen. No, no, no, be prepared for the longest elevator service of your life, maid service that doesn’t show up, and not even a simple Hello at check in.

YOU are lucky to stay with THEM and you better be prepared for lack of any attention.

Needless to say, although I loved rooftop pool bar, the snobby vibes aren’t worth it.

And ya’ll know me I typically live for the snob life.

(Brunch @ Drake One Fifty)

One place that I have to shout out is the Drake Hotel (for sure where I will stay next time).

The hotel is gorgeous, so #streetstyleluxe but laid back, but still cool…. it basically wraps up what your Toronto visit should be. The rooms are funky, chic, and just cool AF. We went to  Drake One Fifty (their sister restaurant) for brunch and it was to DIE FOR. GO HERE.

Do it, order the “When Ross Met Rachel” cocktail, with a  side of blueberry scones and you are set. Plus the setting is so perfect for a good Instagram story. You know how it is.

I didn’t do any super touristy stuff, like go up the CN tower or to a Blue Jay’s game.

A. I didn’t even go up the Burj Khalifa so ….

B. I hate baseball.

Like all trips before this, my “tourist” moment revolved around food.

Particularly a very photographable ice-cream experience that I was so excited to share with you guys over my Snapchat. I’m kind of thinking this part of my trip needs it’s own blog post. Stay tuned.

Say hello to Sweet Jesus. A super funky ice-cream shop that I came across on Instagram while I lived in Kuwait. Their creations looked amazing, delicious, and sooooo blog-esque. I waited patiently for 9 months, 9 freaking months for some god damn ice-cream.

And guess what?

MEH. Okay. Cute, but not delicious.

The place had a line up , like 15 people deep, and they failed to deliver.

I could go on and on about how jaded I now am, and how Instagram basically lied to me.

But instead I will leave you guys with some wisdom. Don’t believe everything you see on the screen. There’s a reason why Marketing is a University Major.

(Sweet Jesus and my Cookie Crumb Cone)

Bye Toronto, I’ll be back for sure but next time I’m saving my calories for a Baskin Robbins Reeces Sundae.

What do you guys think, have you been to Toronto before? Have you ever had a travel experience that you were soooo stoked for that ended up falling short? Tell me!