Once upon a time, I was in University failing STATS101 for the 2nd time. To be fair I had undergone a terrible surgery a quarter way through the semester.
Wisdom teeth removal is no joke.
So I’m sitting there failing, knowing that this is a requirement for my degree and I only have a year left before I graduate. So what do I do? I mean sitting down and focusing apparently isn’t an option. Hiring a tutor or staying late at the library? Hell no. I go home and cry to mom and dad. The solution (according to Dad) change your faculty completely and go into EDUCATION!
Apparently liking kids isn’t a prerequisite to the profession, so I slide in unnoticed.
Fast forward two years later, I am a first grade teacher in the land of wealth, poor air quality, and Talabat.
Salaam Alakaam Kuwait. 
**Now that my time in purgatory is coming to an end (not near enough). I am thinking of what to do next. I like to write, I like the internet, and sometimes people think I’m funny. So let’s try this out for a while.
What’s the worst that could happen? It’s not like the internet is permanent or anything.