Only a hour long flight from Kuala Lumpur this little island makes a quick and relaxing stay, away from the big city. 

Where To Eat

Red Sky (Cenang)  – Christmas dinner here was a dream and the staff is soooo friendly, the chef even came out to say hi. Bravo – plus the happy hour is cheep cheep. $

Fat Cupid (Panta Tengha) 
– Heaven in Langkawi. This place is busy because it is good not because it’s “high season”. Western and Malaysian delights are both available, and if you are lucky enough you can stay at the villa attached. Sadly for us we had no idea this place existed or we for sure would have booked! Come here at least twice: once for breakfast and then once for dinner and a cocktail – their cocktails are yum and strong. The owner is lovely too. Such a chill vibe but also very professional and chic. How? I dunno? Just trust me. $

Where To Stay

Four Seasons – No explanation necessary. This property is gorgeous and private.  The beach is on point and really shows off Langkawi’ beauty. Often luxury means you find yourself spending a lot of time at the property, but make sure you come into town too! Plus when you get tired at least you can escape the crowds and children. Consider me sold. $

Meritus – Ughhhhh this place was amazing! Truly gorgeous and the staff was out of this world. The”chalet’s” were romantic and modern and oh so spacious. The fitness center was so nice, which is really important to me after a few too many nutella pancakes. Call me a Party Paulina but my favourite was the quality of mojitos at CBA bar. Right on the beach, nothing is better than a lemongrass/lychee mojito – served with Malay fusion tapas , made fresh to order. I can’t recommend this place enough. $

La Pari Pari – Think quaint but chic little guest houses surrounding a gorgeous pool and down a gravel road a five minute walk from town. Can you say perfect? Say it. Louder. $

What To Do

1. Get a Malay massage at one of the many many spas. Prices range from 70RM to 150RM for  a full body massage.

2. Go on a jet ski tour around the many gorgeous islands of Langkawi. I opted for the 3hr one, super fun and a good way to meet people as well. Skip the boat tour –  20 people packed on a shady boat? ew. no thanks

3. Relax at your resort. Sometimes it is best to just chill and not worry about seeing every inch of a city. I had the best time relaxing during Happy Hour with a lemon grass mojito and then ordering room service later that night. Vacations should be filled with down time. IMO

4. Watch for the many monkey’s playing around on the island. One came down and looked inside a tea pot I had left on the decl. Oooops.