After trekking Petra (here), I headed to The Dead Sea for some final down time before returning to the grind.

I floated, I mud – bathed, floated some more, and went back to my roots with a cheeky Sex On The Beach. Ugh! The hotel had a seriously limited cocktail choice, but still, It was a good time.

Visiting the Dead Sea you can’t really go wrong, well unless you forget that the Dead Sea is full of salt and you have open blisters from Petra in between your toes.

Real talk tho, if you’ve been to the Dead Sea, did it burn your vag? Or is that just me. I actually was dying. It was like the second year of University, all over again. I joke, I joke. *sorry mom

Visiting the Dead Sea was a great way to end the trip. Pure relaxation, catching up on some work, reading, streaming online etc.

The Dead Sea – Quick and Dirty

Where to stay – So many options! Look to stay in Swamiye and a place on the sea is a must. Kempinski wins my heart for the whole trip. 

What to eat – AGAIN Jordan was not my favorite in the foodie department. I ate at the hotels usually a safe bet. I think I am just tired of Arabic cuisine. Sorry but not sorry.

What to pack – water shoes (ew but your feet will cry from the rocky beach) , cute beach essentials, a good podcast for down time.

How long to stay – 2 nights was perfect! Rent a car and explore the rest of Jordan. Petra and Aqaba



The Dead Sea is another check off the ol’ bucket list, if I had a bucket list that is. This will be my last big trip in the region before it’s home time, so it was bitter sweet. My lack of overall excitement just shows that this girl is ready to go home. At least for a little while.

Final thoughts on Jordan? Have you been to The Dead Sea? What about beach vacations, do you find yourself half bored wondering what to do next??