foodI made it to Australia!! Definitely was not on my year travel plan and I really only decided to include AUS in the trip about a month before my holiday. Obviously, it is super far from Canada and usually very very expensive so people usually plan the trip months if not a year in advance. But not me! Just call me go with the flow – Liz Stephenson. I was already going to be in Singapore so it just made sense to take an 8 hour – $500 flight and check Australia off the continent box. WOOP. But to be honest I still had a google doc for each city…. but no need to dwell on that.

Like most my travels, everything is centered around food and after years of seeing gorgeous acai bowls and crack donuts on Sydney Instagram accounts, I accepted I would come back 10lbs heavier. No brunch spot, cute cafe, or cocktail bar would go untouched.

Unfortunately, Instagram worthy foods are not always worthy of gracing my lips. One of the first brunch spots (and one I was MOST excited for) completely fell flat and that gorgeous hot pink pitaya bowl tasted like a watery mess.

Soooo I have curated a list of some hot Sydney restaurants that did NOT disappoint and made me very happy. Keep in mind I was only there for a few days so the list is slim but there are so many other amazing spots in Sydney, just do your research.

Brunch / Coffee / Heaven

The Grumpy Barista had to be one of my favorite places I visited over my 3 week holiday. It was on a random street in Sydney that isn’t super busy, maybe even a little dodgy. It is adorable inside, the coffee is insanely good, and their Fig /Fairy Floss Brioche was heaven on earth.

sydney cafe

Bondi Hardware is a delish option if you are in the Bondi area. The decor is super cool and the crowd /people watching opportunities are on point. I loved their muesli and eggs benny.

Tobys Estate is probably my favorite coffee in AUS and luckily they serve it all over the country. So smooth and so goood.

Lunch / Dinner

Manta is a great spot on the marina which is next to few other dining options. It is an upscale seafood place and had some of the best oysters I’ve tasted. Definitely a romantic to enjoy a bottle of wine and watch the sunset. It was heaven.

Our Airbnb was in such a weird area. I was told it was one of the more wealthy spots in Sydney BUT walking down the street I felt on edge whether it was morning or night. Shady as hell.

So, when I found out The Butler was nearby I didn’t know what to expect. Tucked in a little side street The Butler is a perfect spot for a Friday night. It was packed! And not in a bad way, in the way you know that this is where locals gather to meet and drink with friends over good food and crafted cocktails. The cocktails were amazing and had such fun names – highly recommend “Leaf Brittany Alone”.  I have a feeling that this is a place where you go to be seen, like everyone there was good looking and super chill. Luckily I had brushed my hair, It was such a fun vibe and I definitely recommend going with friends.

Not going to lie, there were a few days where we were just so tired of dressing up and going out that we resorted to Uber Eats. Mad Pizza delivered (literally) and was amaaaazing. Yum yum yum. Loved it and their house-made chili oil. Definitely worth a try or two in our case.

The Sydney Food Scene is huge and crazy good… like I said I barely skimmed the surface. I learned that some of the most delish food is not the prettiest and some of the prettiest are definitely not the most delish. 

Would love to know if you have any other recommendations or if you’ve been to Sydney