I had a hella of a time in Singapore. You know how people ask, what your favorite travel destination is? I can never answer it. I usually just say something differnet each time to shut people up. 

Sometimes it’s Hong Kong, other times it’s Belgium, Dubai even….. it’s never The Philippines. 

Anyways, I fell in love with Singapore. It may now be circulated into the list. 

The people, the diversity, the weather, the gorgeous malls, the cheap food, the expensive food, the Uber drivers, the airport, the fashion, the hotels …. HONESTLY, there is so much goodness to be found in this city/country/state. 

I ended up in Singapore twice over a three week period with Australia and Thailand in between. 

Spending a total of 6 days there. I saw all that there is to “see” and then just took everything at my own pace. 

Here are some of my fav moments in Singapore:

1. Staying at 3 hotels in the city. 3.

I don’t even know how but I managed up at 3 different hotels over the 6 day period and I loved them all. Perfectly decorated, clean, and minus the one on Sentosa they were in great locations. In order of love: Andaz by Hyatt, JW Marriott, and W Sentosa

* I usually love a good W property but Sentosa is far from everything and honestly was way too family oriented for the way I like my W’s.

2. Afternoon Tea at Fairmont

Ya’ll know I’m a sucker for an overpriced teaset. I researched and researched where to have tea in Singapore and was so glad to end up at Fairmont. The lounge is gorgeous, the tea set so tasty, and the wine (because why not), was heaven.


While looking for Afternoon Tea spots I found Arteastiq, an art/tea concept. Basically, we started off with tea for two and then made ourselves over to a quaint little painting studio. You get to pain at your own pace and whatever you like. I was so nervous going in as a kid who was always told to “stay in the lines’, but there was no pressure and I’m kinda in love with my creation. Definitely, check them out for a rainy day activity, it was perfect. 

4. Shopping

OMG. Singapore is a shoppers dream. I tried so hard not to spend money on clothes that I don’t need. So instead, I dropped 1/4 of my salary on a new pair of red bottoms. Because why the hell not. The great thing was that the SGD and CAD were basically on par and tourists get a tax-refund so I would basically have been a fool NOT to buy the shoes. For shopping, I loved Ngee Ann City, The Paragon, and The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands. Just head to Bugis street and have fun popping in and out of the different “malls”.


5. Food

By the end of my 3 weeks, I was getting tired of the food. Sue me. I know it’s unusual but seriously I just stopped craving meals out and even canceled a few reservations I had been looking forward to. That being said I did absolutely fall in love with a few spots. My wine paired degustation solo dinner at La Brezza was amazing. I stayed for 3 hours and drank and ate by myself. No HOT date needed. I had sushi at this chic discreet restaurant called IKYU, I honestly haven’t had sushi that good in a looooong time. It was amazing. 

There you have it. Those were my highlights. A Coco Chanel inspired painting, fancy high heels, 6-course meal, and wine (lots of it).

Can you imagine doing Singapore any other way?? xx