Gone! Finito! Buh Bye. Guess who is rocking short hair?

I said Adios to my not so long locks, and I’m kinda liking it. You guys have been with me through thick and thin. Literally.

Last year I wrote about my struggle with alopecia, and how nice thick locks just aren’t in my genome. With the stress of moving to and from Kuwait my skin and hair revolted and I felt totally opposite of sexy.

Colombia long hairThis summer when I came back to Canada I splurged and paid the cost of a used car to have someone else’s hair attached to my head. I loved my extensions and rocked them all summer. The only problem was that I had to go in every month to get them tightened, and moving to Colombia it just didn’t make sense.

So out came the fake, and I was left with a whole lotta NOTHING. My hair was sparse AF.

I looked like a little Gollum mother fucker.

It was not pretty. You could literally see through to the other side of the room looking through my hair. Horrific. SO I contemplated shaving my head, starting fresh, getting into wigs, Kylie Jenner kinda style.  Then one day I was got really freaking tired of rocking my signature “low bun” the easiest way to hide the thinness of my stands.

It was time.

Luckily a girlfriend who rocks a short pixie cut, told me that she had found an amazing hairstylist in Medellin, and trusted him completely. So I booked an appointment, screenshot a pic of Julianne Hough (the bob-goddess) and headed to Ambroxia to see Vladamir. With a name like Vladamir, I knew he was going to be the right choice.

Thirty minutes later and I was a whole new person. I had expected to feel sad, as I usually do after appointments to the hairdresser. But this time was different. Vlad was an absolute gem, ya we are on nickname basis, didn’t ask him but just rolling with it. Before I sat in his chair, I gave my usual disclaimer (which for some reason I always do) and said how much I hated my hair, it’s thin, gross, dead, dry, blah blah blah blah blah…. Vladamir stopped me and essentially told me to stop being such a bitch to myself…. to embrace what God has given me and that I could 100% rock a shorter hairstyle and show off the angles of my face.

I shut my mouth and let him work his magic. And magic it was! I walked out of the salon feeling sexy, confident and refreshed.

Colombia short hair

Guess what? I’ve worn my hair down every day since. No low hair buns trying to hide my wispy strands. The dead ends are gone and countless people have told me how much more dense it all looks. I’m only getting slightly annoyed of people calling me cute, but it’s better than the cancer jokes.

I may not rock the lob forever, but for now? I’m liking it.

Thanks, Vlad you rock don’t ever change. If you are looking to get a haircut in Medellin, Ambroxia Salon is the best choice and ask for Vladamir.

In other news, I have 5 days left in Medellin. It’s been an interesting two months here, and I’ve learned a lot about myself. That’s all you can really ask for is it not? I will be coming out with a Medellin Foodie / Shopping guide soon but for now…..

Quick Highlights on Medellin

The food. The shopping. The weather. The cost. Everything in Medellin has been sooo affordable, and not in the cheap backpacker way either. I’m talking gorgeous clothing, amazing 5-Star meals, and bougie spas all for a relatively low cost. I’m a tad nervous that my luggage is gonna be overweight from all the shopping I’ve done. The boutique shopping scene is fucking amazing in Medellin. I feel like a Kardashian walking out with bags of gorgeous clothing.

To my girlfriends back home? I’m coming for you. Merry Christmas, gifts for all, just call me Big Daddy Santa Claus. If you are travelling to Medellin and are partial to chic boutiques make sure you check out PURA, you can also order online.

So thoughts? Have you done a big hair change?? What about boutique shopping, or are you more of a mall kinda gal?