Hello hello beautiful people. I am coming at you alive, well, and as tan as I will ever be. Last weekend, I spent a few nights in Zanzibar (new fav) and soaked up some Vitamin D with a side of too much rosé. #balance

Needless to say, life is looking and feeling pretty good right now. HOWEVER! rewind a few weeks ago and if you follow me on Instagram you will know how brutal my migraines have been. They were horrible, I called in sick a few times and my mood was just low.

I ended up going to an Ayurvedic center because that was all my insurance would cover.I was familiar with the term Ayurvedia because I went on a little yoga retreat a few years ago. All I was thought during the time was “wow this is some hippy-dippy shit”. But hey, I won’t knock anything until I try it. So I went to the center, the doctor took my pulse and basically informed me my Pitta was off before I even told him what was wrong. SPOOKY. He informed me that I might be feeling really heated, unstable, emotional … so basically ME my whole life. But then, he called the migraines and neck pain and I decided that this man was basically all knowing and I would trust him with my life.

I went to the center a few times and did some medicinal oil massages followed by being steamed in a weird coffin structure and KHALAS I feel good.

My love affair with Ayurvedic medicine is far from over. It might seem a bit strange coming from me, someone who loves all things UNNATURAL (medically enhanced, lips, boobs, butts) but believe it or not…. despite the occasional donut, I try my best to eat things from the earth, and follow some natural wellness practices. During the whole migraine issue, I didn’t even touch a Tylenol.

As fate would have it, I was introduced to Shankara. A natural Ayurvedic skin care line. Natural being the keyword.The whole system is based on the 3 doshas and promotes a whole body approach of well being while giving your skin some natural TLC.

Shankara is made in small batches in Texas which really won me over. Shouldn’t the stuff we put on our face and ultimately into our bodies be natural and made with love by a person? Rather than in some creepy facility. I dunno. Maybe that’s just me but your skin is the largest organ in the body! There is something to be said for treating it with things from the earth and not ingredients that we can hardly pronounce.

, I have been using Shankara for a couple weeks. I love the cleanser (smells like purity on my face), and the oil. I am huge into oils. HUGE. I chose the products that promote anti-aging (27 is creeping up ;)). But Shankara also has lines designed for other skin concerns like acne.

I think my favorite part of this new regime is that it’s giving my skin some time off and healing from the really harsh products that are treating my melasma. I have essentially been using mini-facial peels for the last month which left me red, scabby and inflamed.

Shankara does the total opposite and really calms my skin down from the harsh chemicals.

You don’t have to be a nomadic vegan yogi to be into Ayurvedic medicine. If this botox and filler loving girl can appreciate balancing her Pitta – Vata – Kapha, then you can too. That, or you can just want a skincare line that brings results. That too.

All TIC readers can use the code ‘TIC20’ to get 20% off anything at http://www.shankara.com ( I recommend the Fine Line Travel Kit and The Purifying Cleanser)