Ireland was never at the top of my go – sees.

Croatia, Crete, hell even France for a nice Pain Au Chocolate would have been places that I would put before Ireland. Why? Well first off it’s freezing AF, has anyone ever heard of  the delicacy called “Irish food”, and I’m not a big drinker (an Irish pastime).

So ya never really had Ireland on my radar. Luckily for me, I managed to make friends with an Irish beauty while living in Kuwait. She’s literally like a poster child for the country. Long dark red hair, alabaster skin, enjoys waving flags while singing folky song – sometimes I wonder how we are friends. After not seeing her for a year, I wanted to stop by for a lil ‘ ello en route to Canada.

Read below for a 5 day itinerary of what we did, but I warn you if you are looking for museums, history, kissing famous stones or whatever the fuck…. Move on.

Day 1 – Checked into the Croke Park Hotel. I was nervous booking this hotel because it is not city centre, and a bit on the rough part of town. BUT I did like it and it was nice having to a bit further in order to burn off those calories from Bruges’ chocolate. We walked to Temple Bar area and the Ireland / Spain match was on. I don’t give two shits about football but I will admit seeing people literally pouring out of bars and watching tv’s street side was cool.

Day 2 – The touristy-est thing I did was visit the Guinness Factory. K, I actually hate Guinness the taste just doesn’t do it for me. BUT the experience was so cool, it was like Disneyland for adults minus the rides, characters, lines. Plus at the end you get a freshly poured pint, apparently the best in the whole world. GO. You’ll have fun and it’s nice to spend time out of the damn rain. So the Guinness Factory was for the man. Afternoon Tea at Fitzwilliam Hotel was 100% for me. This bougie hotel serves guests a gorgeous selection of teas to choose from and even as a coffee drinker, I was in heaven. We tried Champagne Strawberry, Irish Creme, and a nice Puuerh Kombucha to help with digestion.

The sweet and savoury treats were served on a four tiered tray, so cute.

Perfect amount of food and the flavours were on point. The salmon and caviar bite definitely stole the show for me. To finish it off , we had a chic-y cocktail, and wandered off to walk in Stephen’s Green park. It was probably my favourite day in Dublin fo sho. Take a look at my lil’ snapchat videoof the whole experience!

Day 3 – My beautiful Irish friend must not know me that well if she suggested going camping over the weekend.

I have always held the mindset that camping is for rich people who want to pretend they hillbillies for a night. Seriously hate it.

I had no choice in the matter as we drove 4 hours from Dublin to Doolin for a night of Glamping. Yep glamping. However, I was pleasantly surprised.

Four of us slept in a gorgeous Yurt, that was decorated with little Buddah’s and lanterns, and WIFI! Needless to say I was slightly impressed.

Just don’t expect to find me wearing flannel and cooking canned beans over the fire anytime soon.

Check out the gorgeous glamping experience below.



Day 4 – In the morning ,we went on what seemed like the longest ferry ride of my life , to check out the Aran Islands. Travelling is my least favourite part of travelling. My fingers turned blue from how cold it was, and I was miserable for 1.5 hours. Don’t I just sound like the best travel companion? When we arrived at Inismore we grabbed some bicycles and went on our way to explore this wee little island. It was seriously amazing, I am not one to get all excited over scenic views but even I will admit that this place was damn cool. I will let the photos speak for themselves. After an afternoon on the island we headed back to Dublin, exhausted, and ready for warm beds.


Day 5 – Our final day consisted of going into the city centre for some shopping and tasty food. We ate brunch at this super authentic but trendy italian bistro/cafe called DOLCE SICILIY. Then we hopped across the street to this super cool trio of consignment stores. Usually I am not into used clothes but these shops were definitely right up any fashionista’s alley. No doubt this is where the “cool girls” shop. Of course my friend knew the girl working, because she’s the type who knows everyone and is loved by everyone and then some. PUKE. Just kidding, I love her too, but I won’t admit it.

Up Up and away, the next day we headed to the airport.

My flight home was supposed to be pretty simple. Dublin – Iceland – Toronto – Edmonton. A tad too long for my liking, but doable, yah?

Well lo and behold (is that the saying) our flight was delayed which led to a chain of missed flights and I ended up being 30 hours behind schedule. 30 freaking hours.

After a few frustrated tears and two glasses of cheap wine in the airport lounge I made it home.

Stay tuned to see what I can get up to in #YEG. All I know is I’m happy to be here …. For now.

Can you tell how frozen I was? This smile was very very forced