By now, you should know that ya girl loves to travel and have a heck load of fun, because what’s life without a bunch of fun thrown in, am I right? Many of the travel guides I have read on Europe go on and on (and on) about museums, free walking tours, buildings to stand and look at, and hiking trails – AKA not the most exciting travel experience in the world. If you’re looking for the non-boring way to see Europe, here are 5 tips that may tickle your fancy.

Party your way through Berlin

If you didn’t show off your moves like Jagger on your travels, does it even count? I think not. When I visit a brand new destination, I love to take in the sights, but I also love to get down and dirty in some of the coolest clubs and the hippest bars. While Berlin has loads to offer in terms of history and culture, the party scene in Berlin is unlike any other city in the world. Think warehouse raves and underground clubs all over the city. So why not party your way through Berlin? You won’t regret it.

Scoot your way through Rome

Who didn’t watch The Lizzie McGuire movie when they were a kid, and then had dreams of getting on a Vespa and driving around Rome just like the legend herself? I’d drive to the Colosseum, the Trevi Fountain, and I’d even duet with Paolo Valisari at the end of my trip. Sadly, Paolo is no longer available for duets, but scooters are available to hire. This way, you can scoot past all of the main attractions with the smell of pizza in your nostrils.

Go Nessy hunting in Scotland

Ireland wasn’t at the top of my destination bucket list, but after visiting the heck out of the Emerald Isle and having the time of my life, I felt it was about time I visited another UK destination and live it large. If you fancy doing the same but don’t want to eat sheep’s stomach or wear a kilt, why not go Nessy hunting on Loch Ness instead? Instead of setting up shop with your binoculars and your deck chair, jump into a water zorbing ball and frolic while on the hunt.

Get your blood pumping in Copenhagen

I’m gonna be honest with you; I love amusement parks as much as I love traveling. I’ve made it my mission to check out the best theme parks in the world, which is why I ask every single one of you to get your blood pumping when you travel to Copenhagen. The Tivoli Gardens are the dream for any amusement park lover, as you can get your hair messy and your stomach churning on the rollercoasters while checking out the city and the gardens from above.

Get your paddle on at Lake Bled

Okay, I’m gonna get serious for a second here… Lake Bled is one of the most beautiful European destinations ever, and it’s definitely a photo shoot that would make it to the ‘Gram without any filter – but once you’ve seen it from one direction, you’re kinda set for life. So, why not have a bit of fun with it? Step into a kayak and get your paddles working as you take in what Slovenia has to offer. Just try not to fall in…

Life is all about having fun, so do you having any more non-boring ways to see Europe? Let me know so I can get my fun hat ready!