totally binge worth tv series

Is anyone else unmotivated lately, just want to stay inside and not shower for days? My yoga pants are seeing a lot more of my couch then a studio, that’s for sure. I’ve never watched this much TV in my life and consider myself an expert at this point. When it comes to my TV series preferences,  I like em dark and gloomy.

Sitcoms are literally my worst nightmare. The Office? Moden Family? Friends? No way jose.

Bye bye Ross and Rachel and hello The Kingslayer who bangs his own sister.

I did a Series Binge post not too long ago. We talked about The Affair (can’t recommend it anymore), Shameless, The Path… what did they all have in common besides their overuse of the word “fuck”? They were real. I like a show where it could really happen, none of this Greys Anatomy shit where each season finale either has a terror attack, plane crash, or unborn babies being kidnapped and cut out of their mothers (I’m looking at you Private Practice). If I can’t get reality, I at least want believability.

Binge Watch These New TV Series Now!

So without further adieu. Shows that should totally be on your radar and very much Spring Break binge-able.


I’d let Tom Brady do bad bad things to me. Put him in a top hat, jacked, and on a murderous rampage? Hold me down. Taboo is exactly as the name implies with James Delayney coming abck to London and getting in a lot of drama with the East India Trading Company. Throw in some good old incest, disembowlment, and slavery? You got a great show to watch with your boyfriend and mother. For real, the three of us love it.

Good Behavior

I first came across this TV show last summer as they started promoting at Blog Her. They had put stickers in our bathrooms branded with #goodbehavior “My future looks great, just not in this light”. Instant love. Good Behavior follows former convict/drug addict/ kleptomaniac/mom – Letty who meets Javier a criminal himself. That’s all fine and well but Letty is trying to get her kid back and Javier may bring a lot of orgasms but not much Good Behaviour. This show is hot hot hot.

Queen Of The South

Loved Narcos? Well, imagine Narcos with a bad ass female lead. Following the Mexican drug cartel it’s a super dramatic show, very sad but absolutely binge – able. Plus I love a show that features a strong female lead.

Tv Series to Binge11.22.63

I binged this series on my last West Jet flight. It’s a mini – series that follows James Franco’s character as he travels back in time to stop the assassination of JFK. Yawn? Trust me it’s anything but boring. The character development is great and it’s full of dramatic plot twists. I love a good mini series!


Girls is the closest I’ll get to a sitcom. It’s 30 minutes of pure awkward millennial humor and seeing Lena Dunham’s bush is literally the highlight of my night. I love how these friendships are real and each character has her own quirky flaws. Sex And The City was great and all, but as much as I pray to god on a daily basis, I just can’t relate to tripping down The Met stairs in my Manolos. Eating take-out and realizing I’m basically unemployable? Ya, that’s about right.

Girls HBO The Man in The High Castle

Newcomer to the tv scene – Amazon brings us a super weird but addictive show that imagines life if the Nazi’s had won WW2. It’s dark depressing and down right addictive. I love the characters, and Juliette’s hair has my attention the whole time.


Trying to dispel the myth that Canadian TV is total shit. Jason Momoa heads up this historical drama as a man who takes on the Hudson’s Bay Company. You can tell it’s Canadian but I promise it’s better than Nickleback


Saving the best for last. I love a good legal drama and preferably one that isn’t from Shonda Rhimes. Goliath reminds me of a mix between Billions and Better Call Saul. Billy Bob Thorton, who won a Golden Globe, plays Billy McBride a fallen lawyer turned alcoholic who takes on his former firm. No one is safe in Goliath, it’s cruel, it’s unfair, but it sure is fun. If you haven’t listened to anything else I’ve said. Listen to this. Goliath is the best.

That is it for now. Now go, and we can talk in 2 weeks after you binge watch all of the above.

Tell me what you think of this list and if you have any other recommendations!! I’m running out of material and may need to take up another hobby! xx