Helllo, coming from you live in Palm Springs. Well barely A-LIVE because it’s hot as hell BUT glad to be here… getting some sunshine but also not really because #sundamage #SPF55.

Last week I had an amazing treatment done on my face and was given very explicit instructions to stay outta the sun.

So here I am, inside, air-conditioned, sipping a lemon water and ready to tell you guys allll about my newest obsession.

I’ve mentioned before that I’ve been trying to experience as much of Edmonton as possible before I move. Whether it means eating out for every 3rd meal, shopping at the local boutiques or simply walking aimlessly down my neighborhood street I am doing it.

I have been on a skin care/wellness/ treat your self-kind of mentality. I love spas and every time I travel I tend to go for a facial or massage maybe even a blow out if I’m feeling especially lazy.

The concept of a medi-spa was NEXT LEVEL for me. A doctor medically trained to help me reach my fullest beauty potential???


After doing some research I found Hemingway Medical Spa in Edmonton. I knew I had to visit! I didn’t know what I wanted but I wanted something, actually, I wanted to know what I needed. Big difference.

As soon as I walked into the clinic I felt really good. Seriously, the girls at the desk were nice and friendly and the vibe was just doing it for me,

I sat down with Dr. Olesen and basically said “make me beautiful”. Actually, as soon as Dr. Olesen met me he said;  “you like the left side of your face more”… guilty.. and all it takes is a swipe through my Instagram to see that.

He won me over with that comment, you definitely want someone super detail oriented to be working on your face.

We discussed my insecurities, past treatments (hello botox), and general skin health.

My Concerns – aging, blemishes, sun damage

Doctor’s Orders –  MICRONEEDLING!


What is Microneedling?

“Microneedling creates micro channels or pores through the epidermis into the dermis using a surgical grade microneedle roller. This activates tissue repair pathways which recruits fibroblasts, the most important cell of the extracellular matrix. These cells get activated and in turn deposits collagen and elastin fibers, key ingredients to the the support matrix of the skin. This is what gives the skin its healthy and full appearance. In addition to this mechanism, there is the the added benefit of having the infusion peptide cocktail being infused simultaneously with the use of vacuum suction. This is really such a key advantage, most research into cosmeceuticals is looking into how to best deliver these key ingredients through the epidermis, a very effective barrier. These channels bypass this barrier and allow the active ingredients to penetrate into the main target layer”. – Hemingway Medical Spa

So let me break it down for those of us who went to Arts school. A small tool “microneedle roller” is rolled over your face creating tiny little scratches in your pores causing the skin to self-repair and deposit collagen… a “cocktail” of peptides and all that is holy is also infused into the skin at the same time….leading to a gorgeous glow.

If you are considering trying microneedling in Edmonton then Hemingway Medical Spa is the place to do it.

The treatment itself is super affordable and I love it as a gift for a loved one or yourself. I 100% recommend trying it out, my skin is loving me.

Hemingway Medi Spa