Let me tell you something, I have had a long and tumultuous relationship with my eyebrows.

Long and tumultuous. I love that word.

So when I first came across “microblading” I thought it was just fancy speak for eyebrow tattoos. Then all these Instagram photos kept popping up of gorgeous real looking brows. I had brow envy, and of course, Instagram basically tracks your every move so it just kept throwing microblading photos in my face. DAILY. HOURLY. They know how to get you. Long story short, I knew it was time to try it out. There are a lottttta people doing microblading, like everyone and their mom’s second cousin is taking the course. This can be great as it means little wait time/low prices but it can also be scary because you can’t trust just anyone with your brows. Life is too short for bad brows.

I found Martina on Instagram and stalked her page which was basically her brow portfolio. Her work looked gorgeous and after talking to her I knew she was my girl. She likes keeping the brow natural and just giving the ever so slightest bit of enhancement. I loved my session, we had fun on Instagram live and I’m definitely going back to Symmetry Derm again…. thinking Botox, do you guys want a live on that too??

So what is Mircroblading?

Unlike the typical eyebrow tattoo, microblading involves a small tool with a bunch of hair like mini blades that make little tiny superficial cuts into your brow. A pigment is deposited and long story short… voila, BROWS.

Does it hurt?

It might sound painful but trust me it’s not. Really it’s no different than pain experienced from threading or waxing. Totally manageable. The after effects or healing process is super easy too.

How long does it last?

The brows can last between 1- 3 years and then touch-ups are recommended.

Anything else?

Be prepared that this can take up to 4 hours.  Luckily, Symmetry Derm is a gorgeous centre and I was comfortable the whole time…..give me tea with cookies and I am a happy girl.

You will go back for a touch up 5/6 weeks after your initial session. This is when Martina will darken and get the brows denser. It’s also great because I can decide if I want anything changed after seeing how they heal!

You also may spend a lot of time just staring at yourself and wondering how you can possibly look so good in the morning.

Will give you guys the final product in a few weeks after my touch up. xx Stay tuned!!

What do you think? Have you considered Microblading?