Goooood Morning Beautiful People! I am coming at you hot, refreshed, and caffeinated from my kitchen table. I have been busy packing, seeing friends and family, and doing last minute appointments before my move back to  Oman. Everything is just soooo pricy there that I try to bring as much back with me as possible. Beauty products, clothes, snacks.. even good coffee!

This week has been insane and sitting down to write is more therapeutic than I ever thought possible. Sitting down with a nice homemade cup of coffee? Now that’s just the icing on the cake.

Melitta Pourover is a one cup coffee brewing method. It’s quick, delicious, and oh so simple. The cone filter method is loved by many coffee aficionados (myself included) and is literally foolproof. Plus the baby blue ceramic? Totally stylish!The pour-over method is so simple: All I do is pour hot water over the Melitta coffee grinds and voila – the perfect drip goes right into my coffee cup. The coffee is always the perfect temperature and the water flow is regulated by a small hole in the bottom of the ceramic cone. This is seriously the perfect answer for someone like moi who is living alone and just wants a solo cup of fresh coffee.

I have to head back to packing for my trip back to Muscat! You know the Melitta Pour-Over is definitely taking up room in my suitcase. Grab your own from Melitta and use my promo code Liz15% for 15% off your purchase. #PourOverIsBetterBye for now! xx