How to Hustle and Make Real Side Income: Read More!


Today is the usual for me… at home, alone, binging on Netflix (currently 13 Reasons Why). It’s been a tough year not having a steady job. The Tongue In Chic brings in enough income to feed me but by no means has it been sustainable. Especially because baby has a thing for the luxe life.Sometimes girl’s gotta treat herself to a $5 cappuccino made for the stomach of an infant. I won’t lie.

So, while I’ve been here back in Canada I am constantly thinking of new ways to make money, keep myself afloat, and NOT dip into savings. Too much.

  1. SELL YOUR SHIT – If you follow me on Instagram you would have seen that I just made a separate account called “shopthetongueinchic”. All I have to do is upload a quick photo and BAM someone can buy my clothes. I also am part of at least 5 Facebook Buy and Sell groups. Most of these are local and buyers/sellers can arrange a meeting to swap the goods for the cash. Just be careful, there are more psychos out there than you think. Storytime?
  2. SELL YOUR PARENT’S SHIT – See above. I have literally made hundreds of dollars off of taking advantage of my mom’s online shopping habit. Remember that huge giveaway I did last year? Say “thanks mom”. The best part of selling your parent’s stuf,f is that basically, you are providing a service….decluttering and making the house more Feung Shui. They really should be paying you…. on top of the money you are taking.
  3. SELL YOUR SOUL – No judgment zone here. There are many ways to make a quick buck and selling your worn panties is one of them. No shame in the hustler game. Check out Kijiji or Craigslist for the latest and weirdest. Oh and if you like cake, who doesn’t? You can even make money sitting on a delicious pastry and filming it for the highest bidder. Girl’s gotta eat.
  4. GET IN TOUCH WITH YOUR ENTERPRENUIAL SIDE – When I was a University student I didn’t study. Hence, the reason I ended up teaching for a career. What was I busy doing? Ordering cheap shit from eBay and marking it up. The thing is this is kinda over done, like surprise surprise I’m not a craftsman and those leather wrap watches definitely aren’t hand made by me. BUT there is still a market for it. I see a lot of women selling those black peel off masks online, buying wholesale at like $1 a piece and then selling them locally for $20. If you can find some unique products then definitely go for it!
  5. FREELANCE ONLINE – Probably the most normal and legal way to make some cash, but where is the fun in that? Slowly but surely I have built up my freelance resume. I write blog posts for websites, handle social media, curate cheek tweets, research really boring stuff… the list goes on. No , it won’t buy me my dream car but it helps and keeps me away from Netflix when I’m stuck at home. I have found and LinkedIn to be the best for freelance gigs. Twitter too!Side Income Hustle

There are many other ways to make a little bit of side cash. Apparently, personal shopping is a thing, I literally just got fucked over by some girl who offered to pick me up a pair of Chanel shoes in Calgary. Not until the last second did she disclose she was a personal shopper and ask for a 15% percentage on a pair of $800 shoes. YOU DO THE MATH. SMH.

I’d love to hear about ways you make some side income. It doesn’t have to be groundbreaking! Just enough to handle your Starbucks habit 😉