Tick Tock goes the VERY VERY SLOOOOOWWW clock.

Bye Bye, Kuwait! I am outta here in less then twenty days!

I know I will kind of miss this little country that I’ve been calling home. So each weekend I’ve been taking a few more pictures, spending less time at home, and soaking up all the things Kuwait has to offer.

In other words, I’ve been eating my weight in food, drinking coffee, and hitting the mall.

Kuwait has been reallllly into the hipster, minimalist cafe scene. They are popping up everywhere, and this weekend I went to Caffeine, a teeny tiny coffee shop with three tables.

The area is called SOMU, and it’s perfect for photo shoots… ask every wanna be Kuwaiti blogger. With boyfriend in tow, we headed out for some bomb coffee and awkward glances as I posed ’til my heart was content.

Here are a last few “Kuwait Feels” before I say maʿ al-salāmah. ( ya I googled that)




BTW that dress? I’ve been living in it. Like this outfit is my summer jam and no can stop me from wearing it twice a week. It’s sold out but you can find something similar (here).  If you don’t have a pair of dirty ol’ converse sneaks you need to get some like yesterday.  I have the leather make, straight from Sneaker Street in Hong Kong. 

What do you think? Planning to visit Kuwait, ha! I can tell you everything you need to know in like two sentences so hit me up!