Austin The Tongue In ChicAhhh I feel so damn good when I find a new city to love. Last week I spent 3 nights at an Adult Summer Camp (more coming later). After my weekend of debauchery, I headed into Austin to explore, relax and get some sunshine.

Austin did not fail me.

I was lucky enough to meet 3 local women who gave me the dirty inside secrets of some of the best places in the city. Problem was, I only had 48 hours. There is a hella lot to eat, see, and do in the city so I know I’ll be back.

Austin The Tongue In Chic

Where to Sleep

I have fallen in love with the W hotel line. OB-FREAKING-SESSED. W Hotels are for millennials who love the luxe life and would rather ingest turpentine than sleep in a hostel. W Austin had the chicest vibe and was full of little surprises. There was a “secret bar” that I literally found searching for a bathroom, the display of pill bottles in the lobby properly titled ” A Hard Pill To Swallow” and the to go coffee cups telling me to WAKE UP. I love a good detail.

W Hotel Austin

I was lucky enough to get a treatment at AWAY spa. The spa was gorgeous, it was huge, it was amazing. I opted for the signature Away Massage and luckily my therapist knew my muscles were in dire need of some tough love. If you are in the mood to treat yo’self do it with Away and then enjoy the amazing rooftop pool. Honestly, the W Hotel ATX was so amazing, I could have stayed inside and been perfectly happy.

Away Spa AustinWhere to Eat

After a long ride back to Austin as soon as I reached the W I was ready for bed. Definitely, coudn’t be bothered to leave the hotel to find food.. sometimes that happens. Luckily, Trace the onsite restaurant stayed true to the brand and provided a chic – Texas-inspired dining option. I loved the patio and ample people-watching opportunities. The cocktails were to die for and the Mac and Cheese? OH BABY. Usually, I try to eat outside of hotel’s but when the restaurant is as good as Trace? Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner, please.

One of the lovely ladies I met was Jane Ko an amazing Austin food blogger. One of my biggest struggles is hanging out with bloggers for the sake of networking, like I don’t care. I’m over it. Hanging out with Jane was genuine, fun, and inspiring. Her content is amazing and she introduced me to Gordoughs. So basically she won me over for life. We went to the food truck location and ordered 3 different donuts for aesthetic purposes obviously. COMPLETE HEAVEN. Hands down the best donut and instagrammable treat I’ve ever had. Check out A Taste of KoKo for Austin foodie inspo.

Austin The Tongue In Chic

Where to Shop

South Congress is full of amazing shopping options! I loved just walking the streets and popping in to see some Austin style. Denim on denim on graphic tee… I loved the laidback vibe of the city. The Canadian dollar is kind of depressing right now so I tried my best NOT to shop, but you better believe I stocked up on my American chocolate bars. White Reeces? Peanut butter Snickers? Pay Day? I hate Pay Day.

(Top and denim from LAUT)

I loved Austin. Loved it. Apparently visiting Austin and never leaving is a thing and a lot of people move there to “settle down”. I didn’t get to see and do as much as I wanted so I’ll be back!

Have you been to Austin? Love it? What other cities should I explore and fall in love with?