Was it worth it? Well to answer that , I first need to explain what IT is.

It is trekking for 4 hours, non stop, up hill, and having your hips feel like they’ve birthed three children simultaneously.

It is blisters in between my toes, later to be burned by DEAD SEA SALT WATER.

It is crying because the desert kitties are hungry and donkey’s shouldn’t have to carry 200lb women.

Oh PETRA you are a bitch but yes you indeed are very much worth it. I’m not going to lie, I am not someone who enjoys sight seeing or bucket list tick offs. Remember, I am indeed the “traveller who hates travelling”.

I’ve seen a few of the world wonders, done world festivals, been to fancy museums, but I usually complain the whole time and am thinking of where my next meal is coming from. Real talk.

Petra is ancient cool, it’s a massive place, and best of all it is a hard fucking work out (you can see where my priorities lie).

Like so hard. Four days later and I still can’t touch my toes.

Here are some quick details on surviving Petra, or more affectionately known as “THE FIERY DEPTHS OF HELL.”

The Quick and Dirty – Petra

Cost- Approx $100USD for 2 days

Time – If you are a keener and want to see it all, realistically it will take you around 9 hours. I recommend going over two days.

Bring  – water, sunscreen, hat ,camera, backpack, hand sanitizer, sunglasses

Leave – Your purse, makeup (you will not look pretty after this hike, nor should you), gladiator sandals, skirts, crop tees (have some respect).

Where to stay – Some great options close to the site. I recommend the Marriott for how cheap it is!

Where to eat – Meh. The food situation is nothing to write home about. So I’mma stop there.

Final thoughts:

* Wear good shoes. NO FLIP FLOPS, NO HEELS (DUMB ASSES) . Hiking shoes or runners are a must.

* Don’t forget the sunscreen. Layer that shit like a picnic spinach dip.

*DON’T be a lazy ass, instead work your own Ass. It broke my heart to see all the animals being used in the hot desert heat. Donkey’s trekking up steep steep hills while being whipped is not okay.

Don’t go if YOU can’t handle it

Have you done Petra? Was it as hard as I make it out to be? Any other bucket lists check offs you’ve done or are planning?? Let me know below if you have any questions about Jordan or Petra!