K first can I drop this here.

Now that we got that out of the way. ZANZIBAR! What a dream it was seriously amazing and I just want everyone to go there so we can all talk about it and love it together.

Tulia Zanzibar hosted my stay and trust me this is not just your regular sponsored hotel post where I a forced to talk about how nice the hotel was and the linens they use. I honestly was in love with every aspect (minus the snakes and bugs).

TULIA was next level, and I knew that before I booked with them. I knew I wanted luxury yet boutique style and the resort nailed it.

There are so many picturesque all-inclusive style resorts in Zanzibar you honestly have tons of options.
That being said. Tulia promised to deliver something different and new to the island. The whole concept is very eco -friendly. Their goal is to be completely self-sustainable and they are in the process of building a little farm next door so that all the fruits and veg come directly from the resort.

Cool right? I love a good marketing move.

I stayed three days at the resort and went into Stonetown for a little excursion. But other than that the whole weekend was spent eating, drinking, lazing, and paddle boarding.

Everything was included and the food was all ala carte, made fresh, fish from the sean, mangos from the trees kinda deal. Literally a slice of heaven. Breakfast was my favorite meal, as soon as you sat done someone was following with a plate of fresh fruit. 

The all-inclusive price also includes massages at the spa. Basically, I want to go back. I have plans to go back but this time I will go with a lover because really it is romantic as hell.

I stayed in a little villa and slept under a mosquito net. The room was spacious and comfortable and obviously, the bottle of wine waiting for me was much appreciated.

The key to doing an all inclusive resort is to keep it interesting. Staying on a property for too long can get boring and leave you feeling overfed, hungover, and lethargic…. get moving, go see the town nearby, or work off some energy in more creative ways 😉

Now I am off to Prague where the weather is 30 degrees colder than Zanzibar. Pray for me. xx