Before moving to Medellin I had three other options that I was playing around with.

Chiang Mai, Ubud, and Bangkok. Yes, i am very much in love with SE ASIA like most travellers. Besides SE ASIA usually being the first place young backpackers start their travel adventures, it’s also a place that offers any type of experience you could ask for.


Indonesia was a country that provides day and night experiences to it’s travellers. When I first arrived I went to Seminyak in Bali ,an area known for posh lounges and shopping.

Only 15 minutes away you’ll find Kuta the 18 year old sister of Seminyak who is raunchy and ready to party.

Drive an hour and you’ll reach Ubud a haven for yogi’s and digital nomad’s alike.

Call me selfish but I want it all.

Next to Hong Kong (ya’ll know I love me some dim sum) Bali provided me with sooooo many options. I loved how when I was finished spending my money, and drinking crafted cocktails in Seminyak, I was able to drive down to UBUD and zen the fuck out of a quinoa porridge bowl after a morning of inversions and twists.

Now don’t get me wrong I’m not ignorant enough to think that all of Indonesia is “Bali”. I know that there is so much more to see and when I undoubtedly make my way back there are some places that will for sure be on my itinerary. Places that offer a little bit of something for every taste and one that sticks out is Bandung!


When ,and I say when because I know I’m gonna go, I visit Bandung there are 5 things that I for sure have my sight set on. Check out 5 Things to do in Bandung, Indonesia.

1. First thing’s first! Check into one of the many unique hotels found in the region. Whether it be an elegant resort like Lembang Asri Resort , or one of the many hostels found in the region. There are places for any taste that will provide a place to rest your head. Traveloka hotel deals is a great resource if you are in the market for a killer hotel stay.

2. It’s time to put that camera to use and the perfect selfie in front of the bluest of waters. Waterfalls and hot springs are plentiful in the region, and particularly the beauty of Taman Wisata Maribaya!

3. Dining does not need to be a sub-par experience! NO NO NO! Themed restaurants are a big thing here. Doll house tea parties zombie feasts, cowboy themed etc. etc. it goes on! Read more here.

4. For a more traditional experience make sure to check out the floating market in Lembang, and remember that Asia isn’t just Thailand.


5. Not being one for sight seeing or natural beauty (ya I’m a monster) I still find the Dead Forest to be absolutely gorgeous and will be sure to check it out. Probably because the forest reminds me of my dead heart.

Indonesia is amazing, Asia is amazing. Our world is amazing. I am definitely not the type to only visit a place once and will for sure get some more time in Bandung.

Hell, if there’s a strong enough WIFI connection maybe I’ll move there.


Have you been to Bandung?? Lembang? Pleaaaase tell me everything!