In caaase you missed it – which you probably did, because I am shy, humble, super gracious, and have a hard time promoting myself… I got into the Huff Post. May not be a big deal for some , but it gave me reason to celebrate with an extra brownie for dessert.

Here is the little gem I submitted and probably one of my favourite posts to date!

BTW….Would it be totally inappropriate to put pictures up of all the couples holidays I’ve been on? Past relationships and current? I joke, I joke….

Disclaimer – I love my boyfriend and realize that I am probably the most demanding traveller of all time.


Let’s just get right into it. If you’ve travelled with a SO, you know that you’ll continuously find yourself questioning why the hell you’re with this person in the first place. *Especially if jet lagged or hungry

It is essential that before you book your trip you have a good and honest convo around what kind of trip this is. Are you backpacking and hoping to meet a bunch of cool indy travellers to party with? Are you going to relax on a resort sitting poolside with a margarita in each hand? Or are you going to explore the town and learn about local culture?

Trust me this is absolutely essential to whether or not the two of you stay sane on the duration of your holiday.

The amount of times I have wanted to stay in and relax , when my partner wanted to go out for a night on the town, is equivalent to the amount of times I screamed at him for booking two separate twin beds.

Make sure that you agree to what the trip will look like, and come up with a compromise.

8 Quick and Dirty Tips To Surviving Your Couple’s Holiday

1. BOOK as much as possible ahead of time. Gone are the days of budget backpacking and hostel hunting. When I get off that 8hr flight take me to the hotel asap so I can brush my teeth and get out of my sweaty bra. Plus when places are booked full you will want to scratch your partner’s eyes out as soon as you are done with the receptionist.

2. Wear comfortable shoes when “exploring” – this may seem obvious but in the winter season where heeled boots are “in”, you’ll be surprised how often the words “babe my feet hurt” can come out of your mouth. Your SO will be even more surprised at how your footwear choice is somehow their fault. Luckily Hong Kong was gracious to me and all the women rocked sneakers with dresses/skirts. Party on Top, Business on the Bottom.

3. Reserve Tables at Restaurants *see #1

4. Have somewhat of an itinerary. Yes I know, it’s cool and so laissez faire to be spontaneous about travel. But if you are pressed for time in a city, or no nothing about a place, sometimes just hopping on a train and seeing where it takes you might just not cut it. No one wants the pressure of being asked “what do you wanna do now?” over and over on a trip – especially if their answer is most likely wrong.

5. Chill – Plenty of down time on beach vacations but even on those bustling city trips it’s important to relax and enjoy each other in silence. Take your laptop to a Starbucks and just zone out for a couple of hours, soak in a movie and see what the experience is like world wide. *Like Hello Bangkok – you and your 5 Star cinemas, equipped with wine and massage? love you.

6. Take frequent pictures of the good times – and then the bad. Nothing is more hilarious then secretly snap chatting a play by play of how your SO booked the wrong flight and you are a day late to the airport.

7. Don’t be afraid to spend some time apart. Why not venture off for a solo hike, or book a spa day for yourself? If you are in Asia a day at the spa can cost you next to nothing and gives you time to not have to entertain anyone or worry about someone else’s feelings.

8. Last, but not least, engage in some passion. Whatever that means to you, just do it. Because let’s be honest your bedroom is not as sexy as the 19th floor of the Ritz Carlton.

Have fun, see new things, and do cool shit. Remember that your partner signed on for the good, the bad, and the downright UGLY, sleep deprived, drooly, zombie thing he’s taking off that plane with him.