I used to think Laos was a small country – then I moved to Kuwait. I only spent a week in Laos and it was near the end of my South Asia trip, but it made a nice little impression on me. The people were friendly, the drinks were cheap and the australian travellers were super sexy.

But what really blew my mind?

The little food carts on the side of the road serving “Nutella Pancakes.” At my lowest point  I had 3 in one day. I remember not being able to find a stand and crying. Real tears. I was so furious that I had to go to sleep without my nightly indulgence. So it’s basically just a crepe stuffed with nutella, banana whatever you want basically, but then drenched in condensed milk. Could any sane person say no??

I obviously couldn’t, which is probably why when I came home after 3 months my parents marveled at how much “healthier” I looked.

Quick and Dirty:

*If you like to party make sure to hit the Vang Vieng river tubing. Bring $ and expect to get absolutely loser loaded. OR if you are more lowkey go on a hunt to find the “Blue Lagoon” (pictured above) for crystal clear waters and some fun cave hiking. Much better than the tubing IMO.

*Do Yoga on the Mekong River (tons of options)

*Visit Luang Prabang’s night market. It is so lively and has amazing street food options and last minute souvenirs.

*Try Laap the “national dish” it is tasty and health. Basically minced meat with some tasty spices – can be served raw or heated.

*GO TO KUANG SI FALLS in Luang Prabang Still to date my most favourite! At the end you can wade in the mini falls.