I just took a DNA test turns out, I’m 100% in need of some SERIOUS HAIR CARE. Oh boy… I have been talking about my struggle with alopecia for what seems like years. Then I go mute because I either accept it, or it gets better, or I get so sad I just refuse to acknowledge it. Now that I have been home I have been in a better head space (no pun intended) to take some time for Self Care and figuring out any internal issues I might have. I’ve been doing full blood panels, hormones tests, diet changes, journal writing (LOL)… anything /everything. Hair Loss is so complicated. There are so many different types, I still don’t know exactly what I have or if it’s going to get better or be a life long struggle. What I do know is that I will literally try everything to try and tackle the issue. 

After doing some research I found a lot of reviews on using Low Light Lasers to promote follicle stimulation. Some dermatologists offer this in house, or you can purchase a small device of your own. I found HAIRMAX Laserband 41 and after reading countless reviews I figured it was worth a try. The Hairmax device is FDA cleared for both men and women in early to moderate stages of hair loss. It’s meant to be a safe and effective solution for loss or thinning hair. It basically looks like a hairband that you move along your scalp leaving it in place for 30 seconds. It is a laser hair loss treatment available and is meant to be used 3x a week for 3 minutes. There are 41 medical-grade lasers on the band that deliver therapeutic light energy. Fancy, huh? Honestly tho, I just do it when I brush my teeth or watch TV. It’s like it’ s not even there. I love that I don’t need to commit to seeing a doctor and can just use this in the privacy of my own home. 

There is such a stigma around hair loss especially for females, and it sucks. That being said, I have found such a strong community online of other young “girls” going through the same issue. 

The Hairmax does not claim to be a quick fix, it requires time and dedication to see results. I don’t expect to grow a full head of luscious hair overnight but after a few months of constant use, I am hopeful!  After clinical studies, the average increase in her count was said to be 129 new hairs per sq in. after 6 months! That sounds pretty promising to me. The device also claims to help revitalize damaged hair, which as a FAUX blonde, I definitely can appreciate. 

I also received the HAIRMAX 4pc Density Care System. This seems super promising because it uses high-quality ingredients that are proven to block DHT  and stimulate follicles.  I’m really happy with the system so far, plus it smells great.  If you have any questions feel free to reach out. You can go onto HairMax.com for special offers and more information! Here’s to denser, fuller, and healthier hair with HAIRMAX Cheers 🙂 

Whatever your reason may be for using the HAIRMAX just know that you are not alone. There are solutions out there!