So I have been hesitant to get into the fitness part of my life with you guys.

I don’t know why…  I think so many bloggers are “fitness experts” and I am definitely not… what I am, is someone who spends about an hour a day watching videos, reading articles and then goes to the gym to try out the stuff I’ve learned.

I have been heavy lifting for about two years and I remember at the beginning I couldn’t curl a 5lb dumbbell to save my life. Now I can Hip Thrust nearly 300lbs, deadlift my body weight x1.5, and do 10 + pullups….. feeling like a bad ass BUT with the coordination of Bambi… it works for me.

Lately, you will find me at the gym 5 days a week. 3 of those days are glute days and the other two are PUSH / PULL days. Which I promise to explain later. I am in and out usually in 60-90 minutes (depending on if I am wasting my time fighting off the mansplainers).

Butt Liz (see what I did there) why do you train glutes so much? 3x a week seems excessive…

Train what you want to grow. It makes logical/physiological sense that the more work you put into a muscle the bigger it will get. I sweaaaar to you that my ass was a pancake 3 years ago. It was flat flat flat and now it is phat phat phat… kinda. A combination of eating in a surplus and training glutes excessively has worked wonders.

I like to look at fitness and my diet as a continuum – right now am eating a ton of carbs and calories which are fueling my deadlifts, lunges and hip thrusts. 4 months ago I was trying to get as lean as possible for summer and dialed my nutrition in and added cardio …. somewhat.

I encourage you to do your own research find “experts” who motivate you and pick a style of training you will stick with. It’s sooooo personal. No one size fits all bull shit.

As long as you are living healthy (whatever that means to you ) then chill like NIKE and just fucking do it.

Take a looksie at one of my typical glute / hamstring day workouts. If you are confused about these exercises check out here and here, for proper technique.BUTT whatever you do – at the finish of each rep really contract those glutes. SQUEEZE SQUEEZE SQUEEZE…. if your ass gets all tight and gramma-like you know you’re doing it right. <3

I am thinking of adding more fitness content into the blog BUTT, for now, you can follow my Instagram stories where I show off some of my fav exercises on the regular.

Are you guys feeling the fitness content? Or should I stick with what I know? Bitching and complaining? xx