Hello hello party people.

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer, getting a tan on but not really because sun damage is for real and freckles are forever. Speaking of sun damage, does anyone else have a nasty sun-stash going on? Think mustache without the hair.. just like a dark sad patch on your upper lip? Well, I sure do and I am working on it so stay tuned. Or let me know if you are also super lucky to have that added to your list of worries .

Anyways summer has been busy! With Austin, Mexico, and getting ready for my big move I’ve been literally all over the place mentally, emotionally and physically.

SUCKS. But staying true to Liz fashion I am making sure to get the RnR I deserve and treating myself. No matter how busy you are please please take time to treat yourself. Whether it’s massages, dinners, overpriced yoga classes, just do something for you… in my case, I decided to get my hair did.

Factory Hair

If you were paying attention to Instagram I had the chance to check out a new-ish hair and body spa in Sherwood Park. The Factory Hair + Body. It was absolutely amazing, and I fell in love with the atmosphere / staff / owner / myself. My hair has always been my biggest insecurity, thin, brittle and sad but since cutting it short I’ve kinda gotten back into it…

I booked an appointment with Ashley who was super receptive and knew exactly what I was going for. I wanted it blunt and ashy. Like an Ice Queen… or grandmother. Ashley delivered and my oh my was I getting compliments for daaaays after leaving the salon. Ask for ashy tones only, no golden, beige, yellow…. ASH – WHITE – SILVER – COOL  are your key words.

Factory Hair

The Factory Hair + Body also does manis,pedis, facials,microblading, massage.. kinda a one stop shop. So after the hair I made my way into the mani/pedi area and sat back and let Kayla take it from there. I opted for shellac because I am a child and normal manicures last 1 day on me… that is not an exaggeration. 1 day. My shellac mani lasted 10 days nicely without any chippppage. Plus the pedicure is still going strong.

I went to Mexico like a week after the appointment and was scared of the color changing, which it did. A bit. But after using my fav purple shampoo it’s back to normal. Honestly, this stuff is a miracle, it doesn’t dry my hair out at all but leaves it super silver-esque.

Mani Pedi Factory Hair

If you are visiting Edmonton or a Sherwood Park local, go or better yet RUN to this place. I have had so many horror stories about salons and spas so finding a place that I’d actually return to is a serious rarity. Unfortunately, it can be hard to find a place where the stylists are nice and friendly opposed to catty and pretentious but The Factory staff are all so genuine and welcoming. No fake BS here.

Factory Hair

Unfortunately, it can be hard to find a place where the stylists are nice and friendly opposed to catty and pretentious but The Factory staff are all so damn authentic. Plus my hair is hot hot hot or should I say cool cool cool 😉

*Keep an eye out on The Factory Instagram because they are always sharing amaaazing deals/giveaways.