My love affair with wining and dining has been going strong for a solid 25 years. From what my mom told me she’d take me to fancy restaurants as a baby and not have to worry about a thing. I knew better than to act out in a sacred place..

But seriously.

I wanted to try it allll before I left Edmonton so this last month has been a bit experimental. I’ve been trying new places, old places, dives, high end.. no menu has been left untouched…. unless it’s sticky, because ew.

If you are an Edmonton local I hope I can inspire you to try something new and please take my word. I am hard to please and very entitled when it comes to my food and most other things….. so if a place is good, it’s damn good.

In no particular order.


Okay, so I lied it looks like I’m putting my fav first. I LOVE this place. LOVE LOVE LOVE. I bring everyone here… moms, friends, current boyfriend, potential future boyfriends… It never fails to impress. My fav way to do Uccellino is to order the $80 Chef’s Tasting it’s delicious and you get 6 courses of heaven… plus an excuse to stay at the restaurant for 3 hours with a glass of vino in hand.

Make sure you have the chocolate dolce to finish. It’s an orgasm.


Great cocktails and great sharing plates! I love Woodwork for an easy Friday night when you don’t want to go all out but also want something more exciting than chips and your couch. Woodwork bartenders are super easy going.. you tell them what you want and they will make it. No questions asked… super convenient for a picky bitch.

Bar Bricco 

My latest find and I’m kicking myself for not going sooner. Bar Bricco is small and dark which kind of put me off but then the food came and I shut up. Super affordable, charcuterie style of eating with primo ingredients. The truffle cheese was to die for and the smell of fresh bread just does it for me. On Sunday’s Bar Bricco has cocktails served with complementary sputini. Who doesn’t love sputini?


An oldie but a goodie. A lot of health-conscious eateries have been poppin’ up in Edmonton. That being said Noorish is the OG and you won’t see any Nesquik on their shelves. It’s slowed down in there due to some healthy competition (ha see what I did there ;)) HOWEVER the other guys down the street can have the University students, I like my Noorish quiet and zen. My all time fav is the Raw Pad Thai….

Honorable Mentions:

The SPICY Beef Satay Soup from Thanh Thanh… FIRE HOT FLAME people. This is something good.

#PB from Jugo Juice – How could I NOT… The BEST and ONLY smoothie you’ll see me drinking 3x a week on Instagram. I usually hate smoothies. Like give me some substance. But this one got me.

Sunday Wine and Tapas at Bodega – wine is 1/2 price and the tapas here are some of if not the BEST in the city. Definitely, a great place to hit with friends.

Hats off to the Edmonton restaurant scene, I will miss you very very much. What are your local favs? Tell me in the comments below so I can check it before I leave!! xx