The Top 3 Restaurants in Bermuda: Where You HAVE to Eat!

Bermuda was beautiful. I loved how blue the sea was, and spent most of my trip catching up on much-needed sleep. That being said, it was also really chilly and for someone who uses a space heater when coming out of the shower, it definitely wasn’t beach weather. So what did we do? We ate, and ate, and then when we finished eating we’d relax in the hotel waiting to eat at a restaurant again. It’s a hard life but someone’s gotta live it. Enjoy xx

Ascots Restaurant 

Edmund and Angelo have a long partnership in a classically delicious, detailed, gastronomy experience that is Ascots Restaurant in the business district of Hamilton, Bermuda. While Angelo is the man at the front, welcoming, engaging, and assisting the dinner patrons in any of their requests, Edmund is in the kitchen masterfully creating what will be your heart’s desire.  The symphony on your taste buds.  The guilty pleasure of knowing, enjoying, and loving good food.  This is a dinner at Ascots.

Ascots Bermuda
Edmund doesn’t just cook food.  He first has a love affair with the ingredients,  nurturing the possibilities and potential until he creates the harmonious experience that defines Ascots…then and only then is it ready to be plated in an opulent, imaginative, presentation to the adoring waiting recipient. No attention to detail is missed at Ascots. From the ceiling adorned with the mural art of Leonardo DaVinci, to the exquisite service which is a presentation of a regimented parade of timely poetry in motion.  The moment you walk into this special room, you know you are in for an experience … there is a beautiful wine room with an extensive list, a comfortable lounging area to relax for a drink or prelude your dinner table seating.Ascots BermudaOnce your dining journey begins,  your eyes will widen with amazement at the presentation of every course, your olfactory sense will open for more of the aromas Chef Edmund has graciously created for you, and your taste buds will dance a Tango of passionate love for every bite.  Our party had the Duo Lamb, the Beef Tenderloin, and the Mahi Mahi.  However, not before we were treated to an array of Chef-inspired appetizers.  Edmund had created 5 different “small bites” for our indulgence. Greek salad filled pastry cups, tenderloin skewers, scallop crostini, lettuce wraps, …..the main courses that followed were perfectly prepared beyond a marriage of taste and texture, but rather a salacious affair of sinful pleasures. Dessert….again Edmund surprised our table with a selection of the kitchen’s creations. These two gentlemen have done it right and for many years. They are kind and gracious to their guests and you can see they love the food as much as their appreciative patrons.  Put Ascots Restaurant on your list of must do’s in Bermuda.  It is truly a culinary experience.

Ascots Bermuda

*This review of Ascots was inspired by my mother who after the trip has decided to try her hand at restaurant reviews. Very Conde Nast esque, no?

Tempest Bistro

Lunch at Tempest Bistro was delightful and a real treat.  The proprietor Mark was kind and informative, just the right amount of conversation and engagement, with a lesson on the old carriage house in St. Georges, Bermuda.  Service was excellent, with attention that was not intrusive at all and the food…..was divine!    We started with the Scarpetta …an appetizer of feta, and dips to run our perfectly toasted buttery bread through.  We cleaned the plate knowing we were in for a thrill of a main course.  Our party had the Beef Tenderloin Mac and Cheese, the Bermuda FABB, and the Kale/Chicken Salad.  OMG….can mac and cheese be illegal?  If so, arrest Mark and his staff!  It was so rich and creamy and substantial with no regard to the cost of tenderloin. This place is generous with portions and ingredients.   A full meal that had to be shared, so all could enjoy the experience.  The Bermuda FABB is a delicious codfish, bacon and avocado sandwich.  Piled high and if throwing caution to the wind, open up real wide to fit it in-between your chompers.  Perfectly seasoned and with bread that is buttered and toasted lovingly.  The Kale/Chicken salad was a surprising presentation of a salad choice with a bit of fresh popcorn to add contrasting color, texture, and some fun to the salad. You know I’m all about the fun. The ambiance is perfect, with a lovely piece of St. Georges history to take in while feasting on generous, delicious, chef-inspired creations and an excellent staff to guide you through your gastronomy journey.  Tempest Bistro deserves a stop for a delicious take on french bistro food.  You deserve a treat, so stop in at Tempest Bistro.

Tempest Bistro Bermuda

Bermuda TempestBarracuda

We dined at the Hamilton eatery Barracuda.  Everything about this place was RIGHT.  It is an assuming entrance off the side street from Front Street.  We walked up the stairs to a gorgeous, white linen, oasis of international cuisine dining pleasure.  Our hostess Joe and our waiter Jacob made this experience truly memorable.  Is there a nicer waiter on earth than Jacob?  The complimented our table with a small bite appetizer canapé.  The flavor was so good.  We ordered the Octopus appetizer and the Seafood Trio.  Both were totally delicious.Luckily travelling with my mom and boyfriend means I get to try bites of everyone’s dish 😉 Definitely planned it that way. We ordered the Beef Tenderloin, Seared Salmon, and the in season Thermidor Maine Lobster... Okay, if you have not had Thermidor Lobster you need to. Like yesterday,  Decadent, delicious, indulgence worth a trip to the east coast.  I mean it.  The tenderloin was grilled to perfection at med-rare with a chef’s creation of bone marrow puree so flavourful you wanted it to go on forever.  The salmon was artfully prepared with the outer layer bursting with a sear of sweet char that tickled your taste buds.  Service…perfect.   Taste…heavenly.   Ambiance….elegant but not too stuffy.  Barracuda….. a must go….

Barracuda BermudaMake the time and effort to enjoy a wonderful meal at a wonderful establishment with wonderful staff!

Dining in Bermuda is a real treat. There are so many amazing places to choose from and I’m glad I got to try the Top 3!