A trip to Dubai is basically  my sanity after months of hard living in Kuwait.

Dubai provides more than just a pretty skyline. I can’t recommend Dubai as a vactation spot enough. It has something for everyone. I’ve gone with girlfriends, boyfriends,  and my mother.

So every trip was a bit different. From yachting in the Persian Gulf, to brunching at Atlantis – Dubai is sure to offer a good time! Annnnnd Dubai has this thing where it can make you feel like an Arabian Princess whose weekly facial costs more than some rent ( true story, a diamond facial at my fav spa is worth $1600) .

1. Go to Brunch … Champage Brunch

The first time I went to brunch, I was so young and naive.

I had gone clubbing the night before so was hung over and looking forward to some Eggs Benedict and OJ.

My girlfriend and I wore our cute summery – brunch dresses, ready for a nice relaxing morning. Sometimes you do need to be careful how to dress as a woman in Dubai.

Fast forward 3 hours later and I realize Champagne Brunch is actually just a sequel to the night before, and the chances of you walking out without vomit in your hair – are quite slim.

I joke, I joke … but Dubai-ians do not take their brunch lightly and there are many different styles.

It just so happened that we attended the $200 “luxury” party brunch. I loved it so much, I took my mom back a year later. She wasn’t as impressed due to the “party” part. Do your research. But my top 3 picks are SaffronBubbilicious, and Splendido.


These mini – roses are the absolute cutest

2. Visit Dubai Mall

Any tripadvisor review will tell you to check this place out, because it really is a lot more than just an average shopping mall. You will see retail outlets from all around the world. Restaurants, cafes that will suit anyone’s taste. Plus you have some cool art sculptures, and unique avenues that will make you feel cultured for just a second.

I love visiting the Bloomingdales always buying one small item, and taking a treat away from Magnolia Bakery while I’m there. Outside Dubai mall is Burj Kalifa, the world’s tallest tower blah blah, take a picture, watch the water show and go up the building to the 125th floor if you fancy spending $75 avg and waiting in lines.

Or just take an equally as impressive photo and save your money for brunch.

3. Dessert Tour

I am going to admit that I have never done this. Yet, I’m still recommending it to you – scandalous I KNOW!

But seriously all my friends who have booked a dessert tour really enjoy it. Typically they range from 4-7 hours and consist of 4x4ing, camel rides, henna, traditional Arabic meals and the chance to rock some Bedouin garb. Check out here for a full look at a Desert Safari. There are many great companies that offer the same types of packages so look on tripadvisor for a good deal, or ask directly at your hotel

Quick and Dirty

Where to Stay – So many options. Think districts instead. I prefer DUBAI MARINA and JBR

Where to Eat – Pier 7 –  has 7 levels of dining options. Lovely views too.

What to Pack – Something light, because the shopping may load up your suitcase. Bring an outfit for a night out.

When to Go – Feb to April are great months as well as Sept – November if you don’t like it too hot.

How Long to Stay? – 3- 5 days over a weekend is a great time frame for Dubai.

Have you been to Dubai? If not, when are you going? Let me know if I missed anything or if there is city that you think rivals Dubai – because I want to see it! xx