Central America

Mexico was not what I envisioned for my 2017 Big Summer Destination. I wanted to go somewhere exotic, new, fresh….Instagrammable and to be honest, after 8 trips to Mexico in my teen years, I just kinda felt it was been there done that. Yawn. You feel me?

All inclusive resorts with snot-nosed children swimming around and buffet lines are a day spent in hell as far as I’m concerned. BUT when time was running out and I wanted a cheap direct flight to a warm destination….. Mexico just kept popping up. I decided to give it a chance and am so so glad to have spent a week in Puerto Vallarta… teaching me that a vacation is what you make it, and if you want luxury, exclusive (but inclusive ;)), Puerto Vallarta can deliver.

For the week that we went to Puerto Vallarta, I stayed in 3 different places. First stop was Punta De Mita, a 45 min drive outside of PV. IT WAS INSANE and more on that later. After 3 days in Punta De Mita, it was back to the the main city. We checked out another small hotel located downtown and saved the best for last…. an all inclusive BOUTIQUE resort….

I absolutely fell in LOVE with Villa Premiere Boutique located in the Romantic Zone. I had spent so much time looking for resorts that wouldn’t be just your generic Mexico vacation so when I found VP…. I died a little. As soon as you check in you are given a scented fresh towel, champagne, introductions to your butler,and a neck and back massage… like as you check in. Right there. From that moment on, Villa Premiere did not disappoint.

The best part of this Boutique Resort was that there were no buffets or watered down liquor, which so many all inclusive are notorious for. The food at VP was a la carte and super bougie….. think dishes with truffle, tuna tataki, fillet mignon etc. BUT you could also kick it by the pool with a quesadilla and guac. I loved that I got to have both options.Speaking of the pool…. don’t be surprised if Hugo comes by to clean your sunglasses…. ya, it’s THAT kind of place. And I LOVE IT.

There are 3 restaurants on site at Villa Premiere and 24hour room service included in your All Inclusive rate. I honestly may have been a bit excessive with the food, needless to say, thank god there was a nice gym. My favorite restaurant on site was La Corona and they surprised us with the sweetest seaside dinner on our last night. It was romantic and delicious. A few people thought we had eloped, and if I decide to confirm to the albatross that is marriage, Villa Premiere just be the place to do it…..

I really wanted to try out more local restaurants in Purto Vallarta but because the food was so great at Villa Premiere, we didn’t want to leave!

Luckily we were able to check out La Leche, a restaurant with the coolest visual concept I’ve seen in a long time. It was gorgeous inside, and the food definitely matched the aesthetic. La Leche changes it’s menu daily and has some house specialties that are so damn good. I recommend the QMT and Chocolate Dessert with POPCORN ICECREAM. I’m not making this up.

I honestly from the bottom of my heart LOVED my trip to PV…. it was romantic, luxurious, relaxing (but not boring) and restored my faith in Mexico vacations. I’ll be back, and hopefully, next time with some friends, to go and explore the nightlife. But if not, there’s always wine in the jacuzzi via room service at Villa Premiere 😉 😉


Have you been to Puerto Vallarta? Are you into all-inclusives? Any other parts of Mexico you’d recommend?

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