Welcome to Bruges a town found in Belgium that I honestly didn’t know existed until a recent google search.

Bruges can be described as walking through Gingerbread Land. Everything looks like it’s straight out of the Hansel and Gretel fairytale but instead of candy, follow the trail of beer and gourmet pralines.

After a 3 hour train ride from Amsterdam, I was thrilled to check into Hotel Heritage. If the reviews didn’t convince me, than the picture perfect location did.

Only a hop and a step (I’m so charming) away from the centre square and a building that is centuries old. SOLD.

Two nights in Bruges was perfect. The town itself doesn’t have lots to see but for someone like me who didn’t spend a lot of time planning, I was pleasantly surprised that I was never bored in Bruges.

Leisurely strolling past the countless chocolatiers and popping into pubs to try the many different Belgium beers was all I needed.

The highlight of Bruges had to be the hotel. I’ve done the whole exploring ,museums, tours thing etc. I want a swanky hotel to relax in and make me feel like a queen.

5/5 royal crowns for Hotel Heritage.

From the moment I checked in, on a particularly rainy day, I knew that my stay wasn’t going to disappoint. The girls at reception were soooo friendly but not in that fake, I get paid to do this, way. They were so genuine and gave the best advice especially on what chocolatiers to hit up, because not all choco is created equally my friends. Back to that later.

Our room was outrageous. We opted for the Junior Suite overlooking the gorgeous Belfry Tower. Bougie AF. Soaker bathtub, BOSE iPod speaker,Nespresso machine, windows looking out to the Belfry tower, and a living room/seating area to sprawl out on if you are tired of the lush King sized bed. Ahhh can it get better than this? Yep. It can.

Breakfast is served downstairs in the Le Mystique restaurant, which boasts original wall painting’s that date back back back. The whole atmosphere is truly out of a Gregory Phillipa novel.

Like if you are into medieval times, hit this place up.

Waffles, fresh smoothies, juice, coffee, tea, pork, eggs, basically anything you can dream of and you will find at this Champagne breakfast. The service, also impeccable.

Dinner at Le Mystique was the best meal of my life. This meal was outrageously delicious. We opted for 4 course tasting menu with wine pairing.

Half the time I had no idea what was being served, because like I said – wine pairing. All I know, I liked it. Loved it.

If you follow me on Snapchat you would have seen plate by plate being brought out.

The matron d’ was so captivating, he really went out of his way to make us both happy.

From intricately explaining every dish, to surprising us with the house made GIN to try after our meal. BLOWN AWAY. My favourite course? I would have to say the main course of tenderloin beef. But the dessert, always a close second.

The presentation was on point. Chocolate goodness on top and when we opened a little box, inside a “kiss from the chef” was waiting for us. t’s been a while since I kissed another man, I’ll take it.

Dessert was followed by tea and petit au fours.

C was feeling under the weather and wanted a ginger/orange tea, which of course they didn’t have because, how random.

So what did the hostess do? She had the kitchen make fresh orange and ginger tea just for him. AMAZING service.

After the meal we were too full/tipsy to go out, so instead it was back up to our bougie suite, to lie in our bathrobes and pass out.

Waiting for us upstairs? Turn down service with some delicious Dumon chocolates on our pillows.

Thanks to Relaix and Chateau for a remarkable stay.

Best service I’ve ever received and ya – everyone GO to Bruges and stay HERE.

Quick and Dirty on Bruges

Stay Here –  Obviously the Grandiose Hotel Heritage!

Eat Here –  Le Mystique, Chez Albert -Street Waffles
Chocolatiers – BE PICKY. Don’t waste $ and calories on sub par chocolate. I recommend Dumonand The Chocolate Line, made in BRUGES daily and not transported from Brussels, like many of the other chocolatés.
Play Here –  Chocolatiers, fries museum, street waffles, horse drawn carriages, Historium
Plan Here – 2-3 nights is perfect to enjoy this small town and soak in all the beer/chocolate.

Summer weather is nice to enjoy the cold beers. June – August. Buttttt can you imagine the beauty of this place during Christmas???!

Have you been to the charming city of Bruges? Where else is as picturesque, DETAILS please!