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Excuse me while I bask in the glory of my new site! I’m still getting used to WP but looooving how it all came together. Last weekend I went on a mini vacay/stay-cay and I’m still flyin’ high. Needless to say it’s been a good week in Colombia.

Before moving to a new apartment in Medellin (shared living is NOT for me), I decided to take a quick flight to Cartagena, which is arguably the most beautiful place in Colombia. The flight between the two cities is cheap cheap and sooo quick (45 minutes). Plus thanks to Medellin Airport Transfer, getting to the airport was a breeeeeze. I’m all about a chic-y airport transfer.

Staying true to myself I did ZERO planning before my trip and had no idea what to expect.I knew that the highlight would be the “old-walled city”, and that I had to stay there. Imma let you judge this place from the pictures and abundance of perfect photo opps. You know those Instagram photos of gorgeous tanned women wearing chic, beach clothes,carrying baskets of fresh flowers prancing around on their tiptoes like Barbie dolls? Yep those photos are 87% of the time taken in Cartagena.

The city is MADE for the self-indulged travelling millennial, AKA moi.

Streets of Cartagena Where to Sleep in Cartagena

I had the pleasure of staying at Hotel Alfiz, a boutique hotel with an intense history dating back to the 1700s. Every room was themed after a time in Cartagena’s history, which made me feel totally smart staying there. Rooms have been named; Colonia, Pirate, Revolucion etc. Perfect for a cheeky role play, you feel me? Plus the made to order breakfast and in house library made it the perfect place to rest after a long day out.

Speaking of long days out…. I didn’t leave the walled city. I stayed there for 3 days and basked in all the coloured walls, and old colonial buildings.  I will admit got a bit antsy after walking the streets and taking photos of myself. That being said, this kinda trip is the one I’ve been living for lately. Full of down time, delicious meals, and a comfy bed. That’s it.img_0181

Alfiz Hotel CartagenaWhere to Eat in Cartagena

We ate and ate and ate. No restaurant reviews were left un-read, and I take pride on my selections for our weekend meals. I knew that Cartagena would be a mecca for great places to eat, so I went in hard and I have no regrets. Truffles, ganache, copious amounts of white bread and olive oil, and glass upon glass of red wine. Gotta live a little, am I right?!

Alma Restaurante and Bar was an absolute dream. Located in an equally dreamy hotel, Casa San Augustin, we had the most delicious meal and easily my favourite since being in Colombia. The staff were so patient in explaining all the dishes (no Hablo Espanol problems), and I ended up with a bison steak, and amazing truffle ratatouille. For dessert? A coconut pie with lemon gelato that was like a gift from the gods. I swear.

We stayed at Alma for 3 hours, that in my mind makes a perfect evening. I’m sooo over fast-restaurants, like if I want something quick I’ll go to Mc Donald’s, dining out is a luxury in itself and Alma delivered.

Alma Restaurant Cartagena
Courtesy of Hotel Casa San Agustín

Make sure that you check out Sofitel’s Santa Clara bar for a bougie cocktail experience. They make some truly delightful drinks and if you are feeling dangerously exotic go for the El Ritual Del Fuego, that’s all I will say. Cartagena has some great cocktail bars. Al Quimico was one of my favs and we went twice! They make all their liquor infusions in house, and I died over the Basil Lulep. Yum Yum Yum.
Streets of Cartagena

I could go on and on about the amazing food and drinks we indulged in this weekend. Make sure you are following me on Instagram and Snapchat to stay tuned in with all these mini-food delights. No shame in the food-selfie game.


Ciao for Now!

What do you think of Cartagena? Have you been to Colombia, is it even on your list?