Back from Japan! If you were keeping up on social you saw that I spent 4 days in Tokyo and 3 in Kyoto.

It was a fun trip but it was exhausting. The jet lag KILLED me. Luckily, I stayed in an amazing hotel that helped ease my struggles. I usually head to Expedia to find hotel ideas but I knew I wanted something different for the Kyoto trip. Kyoto is such a unique place, it’s relaxed, cultural, and can be pretty extravagant if you want it to be. Like a tea ceremony can set you back $100 …. Japan is not cheap.

To decide where to stay in Kyoto I did a google search, “boutique design hotels Kyoto” and found BNA Alter Museum. It won me over right away. Every room was designed and created by a local Japanese artist. It is literally a hub for local artists. We chose the Double Dreams room by Sato Sugamoto It was so chic and minimalistic besides the string installation that hung above our sleeping heads. The room was all white with the only pop of color coming from Sato’s art. Honestly, it was amazing. The bathroom was gorgeous too and had the most amazing walk-in full shower.

Staying at BNA Alter Museum was an easy choice. The location is amazing, we walked to the “main strip” every day and caught a train whenever we had to travel far. There were so many amazing restos nearby, and we had amazing cocktail just steps away from the hotel. It’s an amazing area, and the buzz of the hotel really made it the perfect end to our trip.

I didn’t get a chance to try the cafe on the upper floor of BNA Alter Museum. But the chic Untitled bar in the entrance made a perfect spot for a drink before bed. The bartenders chatted us up all about Japanese Sake and Shoju.

If you are in the Kyoto area this hotel is definitely worth staying at…. be ready to immerse yourself in art even as your head hits the pillow!