Cheers to the freakin’ weekend. Woo, I am flying.

So if you are keeping up with me on social media I spent the past weekend in LA at BlogHer’16 a conference for women entrepreneurs, bloggers, influencers and whatever da fuq you wanna call em.

Backstory: 6 months ago when I was bored out of my mind in Kuwait, I came across this conference online. I had just started blogging and was soooo excited to attend, so without further thought I bought the $400 ticket and was confirmed to go YAY.

Well about a month ago, I realized that I was going to have to buy my flights and confirm the hotel soon. $2000 later and this is no longer a $400 weekend. Holy Shit. I seriously debated cancelling my spot and getting a refund but my mama convinced me that “this is a once in a lifetime opportunity”, so I went.


I was planning to do a pre-conference packing post, then I remembered I’m not a fashion blogger and I hate taking photos of clothes. I packed 5 outfits for the weekend, 4 shoes, and this amazing Chloe Backpack that my BF gifted me.

The backpack was a saving grace as I walked around for hours in the expo.

THE EXPO. HEAVEN. I was originally going to just bring a carry-on with me for the weekend. But thank god almighty that someone advised me against it. Why? FREE SHIT.

I’m talking protein bars,shampoo, skin care, note pads, diapers, and so much more stuff that I got to bring home. The XL suitcase / duffle bag combo were much appreciated.

A lot of well seasoned bloggers will scoff at how excited I get about freebies, that’s fine. I basically don’t have to buy anyone birthday presents for a year. So who is laughing now.

The conference itself is ran by some pretty bomb ass women from SheKnows. They are sweet, helpful, and funny. Plus every night when I returned to my hotel room someone had left a present on my bed. So ya, SOLD .

The abundance of open bar and free pour liquor didn’t hurt either.. nope, nope, nope it did not.

My highlight keynote speaker was definitely Kim K, you know K as in Kardashian. Big freaking surprise there. Kim talked candidly about her life in the spotlight, only referred to Kanye as “my husband”, and looked hella gorgeous. However, when she decided to tell a room full of female bloggers / entrepreneurs that she’s NOT a feminist I may have cringed a bit. Come on Kim. Don’t go there.

Vega and Go RVing personally invited me to their private parties which was super cool.

Vega made some BOMB pancakes that I showed you guys on Snapchat.

Even tho I typically don’t eat breakfast, cuz you know intermittent fasting (here), I made an exception. They were super tasty and I almost considered subbing coconut milk for regular in my coffee. Just Playin’

We all know my thoughts on camping (#19 here), but I will admit that Go RVing may have swayed me a bit. They had a few RV’s on display that were super cute and dare I say a lil chic?

Plus Jenny Garth showed up and took photos with everyone. YAY 90210 fan girl moment.

Friends? I was super nervous about the networking part of the conference. Many women have been going for years and know each other, or have a friend group to chill with.

First to admit that I can have social anxiety and am not the type to say the first hello and because of my #RBF not many hellos come my way either 🙁

BUT luckily enough I connected before hand with a few women and made plans to meet up.

Katrina of Oui Cest Chic basically sold me on the idea that I CAN make new friends! She is hilarious, so fashionable, and just easy to get along with, plus her success is inspiring and our off the cuff convos taught me a lot.

On our last night we ‘played LA’ and drank way too much wine at the famous and ultra bougie hotel, Chateau Marmont.

(Katrina and I being BOUGIE AF)

Bottom line, BlogHer16 was a great weekend away.

JW Marriott LA LIVE was a hotel right up my alley and I had a blast. Check out JW Marriott LA LIVE if you want a hotel that is “lively” and comfy as hell.

Literally that bed solved my recent insomnia problems, or was it the wine?

Bloggers, have you been to a conference before? Thoughts on it? Non Bloggers, uhhh do you like wine? 😉