Unfortunately not in the figurative way, as like moving up, up in the world. Still driving my 2005 VW Beetle, and getting free refills at Starbucks. Calm down.

Nope! I am outta here! Bye, Adios, Hasta Luego, Ciao, Salaaam MOFOs.

Like a month ago I posted all about the need for some Travelspo, to help me get my ass moving. I knew I wanted to get out before Edmonton turned depressing –  WINTER IS COMING.

So my search began. I browsed the fuck out of the internet. I read message boards, trip advisor reviews, blog posts, scholarly articles (kidding). Finally I decided on a place that would offer me gorgeous weather, good food, and culture. It’s all about the culture isn’t it?


To be perfectly honest, I didn’t even know anything about this place until I watched Narcos ( sorry Medellin), then as I started reading it turned out that this city was exactly what I was looking for.

Good wifi, low cost of living, and Digital Nomads are flocking to the place like dogs in heat. Plus having never been to South America, I figured that I needed to check that off of my imaginary list.

Other options included SE Asia, a place I know fairly well and could know what to expect in terms of getting around, cost etc. That would have been the easier choice. I talked to friends and family and they were all super supportive but encouraged me to try something new, and remember that if I HATE it , I am just a flight away.  I had a girlfriend who is Colombian, and just a beauty of a person, so I figure if I meet even three people like her, I will be okay. I called her up (she’s in Bali ATM), and it was funny because to her Colombia is home and not that exciting, she was pushing me to move to Vietnam, or HK. Those places may be in my future for sure, but I’m ready to fully embrace this move and try my best not to second guess my self. I literally have been talking Australia, Japan, Ubud, and now Medellin for two months.


I have found a perfect place in Medellin. It’s unbelievably gorgeous, and in a neighborhood called Laurales which has yoga studios, cutesy cafes, and hippy vegan restaurants…. you know all the stuff I pretend to like but really roll my eyes at.

The house is a shared apartment/villa with 5 bedrooms, often filling up with other nomads or travellers.

The thing I wasn’t expecting was to move in with other people. I HATE PEOPLE. Roommates? I’ve had one and I was a psycho about it. Like literally psycho. I may or may not have accidentally stumbled into his room and rustled through his sock drawer .

This is kind of different tho, as the house is massive, chic, and the guests tend to be people just like MOI. I figured that once again, if I HATE it, I can leave.

Anyways, stay tuned. My flight is booked for October 25. I will keep everyone in the loop on what goes down, and hopefully can do like a Facebook Live of the place or something.

I almost want to make it a big “unveil” that’s how chic this place is.