Hong Kong was my final destination of 2015 and what a way to end off the year! Could I live here? Well it’s super crowded and the living spaces are essentially the size of closets so I’m gonna say noooo.

But so fun to visit! I recommend it x 100 to anyone who wants malls on every corner, amazing food options, gorgeous scenery and a chill party scene.

Now on to the good stuff aka. food.

Dim Sum Delight – lucky for us we had a local friend show us around and take us to a super authentic Chinese restaurant. Dim Sum is essentially a variety of steamed dishes. The idea of Dim Sum is similar to the idea of tapas, small little bites, or whatever you wanna call it!

This place was packed like not a metre to move, waiters diving in and out to clear tables and refill tea, I felt like a total pain in the ass being underfoot.

The waiter gave me stank eye so many times, probably doesn’t help that I am like 1ft taller than everyone.

So the DL on dim sum:  The waiters are going to give you tea and either it will be tea leaves in a cup which they just continuously pour hot water over or it will be a nice little tea pot.

The tea served was Puuerh (read about it here) , one of my personal favourites because of its digestive aid elements. Then there will be servers pushing dim sum carts around and you can just stop and ask them to show you what is under the majestic basket.

This is where it is tricky because if you are in a place where there is a language barrier you most certainly might pick up some chicken feet (good job babe).

My favourite was the BBQ pork bao. Bao is steamed bun stuffed with deliciousness.  It can get weird, but the BBQ pork is probably the most “western” friendly for those of us who scare easily.

 via Sassy Hong Kong
All in all a tasty meal, and not too heavy which was good because we had dinner plans that I was super stoked for.  After lunch it was time for some shopping in Hong Kong Central.

Dammit it was a sad reality that just because basically everything is made in China, doesn’t mean it would be any kinder on the wallet.

I ended up scoring a cute lil outfit from Massimo Doutti, comparable prices to Kuwait. So whatever not that bad but also not that good.