Only in Amsterdam is finding a “real” coffee shop at 7am an actual mission. I passed at least 15 weed stores on my morning walk before I found an open COFFEE – serving shop. THE STRUGGLE.

Danke Danke for stopping by, and listening to my simple meandering’s on Amsterdam.

Slight warning, I am working off of 4 hours of sleep so bare with me if this is all over the place. I am currently at a Starbucks, because ya know, basic white girl and her free refills.

Tomorrow I hop on a train and leave this sweet little city, and all it’s strangely attractive people behind.  (Seriously Dutch people are soooo handsome)

My absolute new fav denim store a Dutch brand  – DENHAM 


Amsterdam is a lot more than just sex, drugs, and pancakes. Although I did make sure to take in all three of those things. Ya’ll know that ‘coffeeshops’ are really weed shops, right? Don’t worry mom. I just went in for research.

You can buy any type of joint that your heart desires, and it comes served to you in little cute plastic containers. TIP #1 – Don’t be a rookie and ask for a weed brownie.

The guys behind the counter will scoff and say ” We serve SPACE cakes”, as if it’s some delicious delicacy.

You know, you probably shouldn’t ask many questions at all.

The coffeeshop guys are more stuck up than just your average pretentious hipster. Just go with the flow.

Red Light District. Duh. Girls, girls, girls.

It was soooo weird seeing women naked in a window seducing the people passing by. But not going to lie, I was also very fascinated.

Like without being a creep, I was really curious to see the whole thing go down.

If I didn’t think my mom would kill me, or that God would strike me down, or that someone I knew would see me – I would have paid the standard 50Euro for 1/2 an hour fee to sit and talk with one of the girls. #RESEARCH

I don’t want to get into the whole moral issue with prostitution or whether it bothers me, because that’s boring and I was just a passive observer waiting to share my experience with all of you.

There is a strict no camera policy, and if you try and snap a photo of any of the girls, they quickly cover up with the drapes and bang on the window.

I half expected someone to run out and tackle me to the ground when I tried to blast the experience on Snapchat. I tried being sneaky, and clever but the girls caught me. So shameful.

You know what was funny? Half the girls were wearing those thick frame dork glasses. Definitely attempting to score with the whole school girl act. I will hand it to them, they knew how to work it.

I saw so many men entering the doors after just a small come hither gesture.

One of the many gorgeous canals to inspire deep deep thinking

Amsterdam’s biking culture really inspired me and got me sooooo excited to move back to a country where outside activity is just the norm.

Kuwait had no sidewalks, barely any walk ways, and anytime I walked around alone I felt like someone was gonna go Allah Akbar on my ass.

But Amsterdam? Apparently there are more bikes here than people. I love that.

The city is soooo efficient in terms of their bike paths, walkways, streets. It was a bit terrifying crossing the road, but I made it and was only yelled at once for walking directly into oncoming traffic. Each day was the same. I woke up, walked a solid 3K to this amazing PANCAKE house, affectionately named “Pancakes” and then walked around some more.

I am a simple person because doing this was all I needed from Amsterdam.

Forget the cheap weed,naked girls, yummy beer, for me it was all about coffee, pancakes, and long walks.

If Amsterdam isn’t on your travel list. Put it there. It can offer you anything you want.

Much love to Travel Pray Love for sharing some scenic photos of Amsterdam and Bruges.

Apparently I am so self absorbed I would rather take selfies with my coffee of the day.

Have you been to Amsterdam? What was your favourite part? Any “Space Cake” stories to share?