This post is way-way overdue…. I first got botox in June and it is now October…. but better late than never (for both the post and botox ;))

I first told you guys about my botox as it was happening, I sat down in the doctor’s chair (yes a real doctor) and did a little Instagram vid for you.

My inbox soon filled up with questions and comments, some of them nasty but as usual I hate fuels my fire.

The amount of interest in Botox is was huge and I am so happy it’s becoming less of a taboo topic.

Because guys, Botox is not a big deal.

My disclaimer before we go any further is that my experience has been very pleasant and I have not met anyone who has had a bad experience. That being said, if you scour the internet you will read horror stories of bad bad botox like an episode of BOTCHED kinda Botox….so I’m not saying it doesn’t happen but this is my story so leggo.

I first became interested in Botox over two years ago. I had been looking in the mirror and noticing fine forehead lines which creased when I wore foundation and soon enough it was ALL I could see.

Every damn day I would look at these lines and it was driving me crazy.

When I was in Kuwait, I had a consultation with a derma-doc regarding PRP for my hair and decided to ask their opinion about Botox. The doctor was honest and said my lines were not a big enough deal for botox and instead handed me some retinol samples…..

Fast forward one year and the lines were still driving me mad.

I was back in Edmonton getting my eyebrows microbladed by a girl who has gorgeous skin, I asked her what the secret was, her answer? Botox. That was it plain and simple she credited her flawless face to BOTOX. I booked an appointment that day.

A huge misconception about Botox is that it alters the way your face looks. That is is simply not true, and that famous Insta-star look is most likely thanks to fillers.ย What Botox does is temporarily paralyze targeted muscles that then reduces your ability to make expressions that form lines or “wrinkles” in the face.

We all move our faces differently and some people are more expressive than others. I personally am always making surprised faces or raising my eyebrows to tell kids off…. hence the ridiculous forehead lines.

Some people are more prone to frowning and get deep 11’s in between their eyes (the glabella). The one thing that I have read was to not touch your smile lines, some people do but I personally think they add a little something-something to my face.

Maybe one day but for now I will keep smiling until I’m jaded enough to become full ICE QUEEN.

I love Botox. Love it. AND it does not hurt. The needle feels like little bee stings and I only needed 6 pokes before it was over. The effects are not immediate, it takes about 7 days for the Botox to do it’s magic and then one day you’ll wake up and VOILA! expressionless ( kidding)… it’s really a magical feeling.

The unfortunate thing is that it only lasts about 3 months before you need a top up. You can wait as long as you want between appointments… but you won’t because you too will become addicted.

I’m definitely due for an appointment and my forehead lines are driving me mad… seriously I will be shooting an Instagram story and have to start over because I’m so distracted by the lines.

That’s my only warning, prepare to become addicted. You will also start looking closely at alllll your friend’s faces in a whole new light. Like guys, I am so sorry I love you but yaaaa gotta get on that shit!

That’s another thing. Botox is preventative, it will NOT fill in your already existing deep wrinkles, it is NOT a filler. For me, it was good to start when my forehead lines were not super deep set after years of making the same facial expressions. Now I can avoid feeling the need to get filler later on in life if there is nothing there to fill!

If you are curious the cost…. it is not cheap but it’s also not terrible. You CAN get it cheap but don’t and I would 100% recommend going to a doctor rather than a girl who “does parties”. That’s just me tho.

Usually, Botox is charged by the unit. I paid $10 CANADIAN per unit and got 20 units…. $200 every 4ish months.. looking at about $600 a year. I might add more units this time around and try some in between my 11’s. I’ll keep ya posted.

Anyways, I would rather spend that money on something I know works then test out super expensive day and night creams that may or may not do as they promise. Make sense? I recently bought a day cream that was $110 and all I could think was “that’s 10 units?!?”

Oh and Botox is not just for women. Actually from what I have seen a whole lotta men could possibly benefit from a poke or 57. Those deep-set forehead wrinkles distract the shit outta me… it’s my thing. I just like smooth surfaces, shiny things, so either your face or a diamond… your choice

I don’t have all the answers on Botox, because I kinda get too lazy to research things. I am more of a try and wish I hadn’t later kinda girl…..but with Botox I am happy I started when I did and will continue being a loyal client for years to come.

Maybe even forever. #nocommitmentissues

Are you a botox-er or considering it? Ask me anything!!!ย